Why the Emergence of VR Is Great In the Real Estate Industry

Published On April 7, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Real Estate

The market research shows that the VR is presently used minimum once per month by over 20 million people and it’s expected to reach over 50 million people by 2017 year end as well as 1 billion by the year 2023. So, this increased market dispersion will force the real estate companies to develop VR real estate mobile app as per audiences’ requirements. It’s expected that Virtual Reality in real estate industry will create the market opportunities of about $2.6 billion by the year 2025 for VR real estate platforms, real estate VR app and VR real estate photography.

So how will VR benefit the real estate industry?

  • Viewings

Say goodbye to those unbearably long drives with prospects not showing up for unforeseen circumstances, wasted times and expensive show homes – VR will simply revolutionise this.

Picture this. You’ve seen an image of your ‘dream home’ on the internet and are then offered to be able to place on a headset and in realtime (and at anytime, 24/7) be able to virtually walk around the home, customise it and visualise every aspect.

A lot of expenditure goes on physically showing properties to prospect buyers from real estate firms; VR eradicates this allowing the prospect buyer to fully submerse themselves in the environment – to freely walk a property or development.

  • Construction and building work

Getting a property developed exactly to how the customer wants it is one of the toughest parts of the development process (just ask any developer) – and again, VR proves to be an invaluable asset in this area.

Customers and prospects can work seamlessly with architects and builders to draw up the plans the way that they want them – potentially ruling out any discrepancies when the property or development is eventually built.

  • The prestige of your firm

As more and more real estate firms begin to adopt VR as a central selling, marketing and promotional tool, old-hat firms are being left behind. Being able to offer your prospects the edge of being able to visit a development or property remotely from anywhere in the world is a huge selling point to any prospect buyer.

Many firms that have adopted VR as an option for their clients have seen continued praise and as such, other firms should quickly look to adopt the technology to avoid being seen as outdated – as this could seriously impact your bottom line.

  • The experience is unrivalled

Finally and the most important aspect of VR in real estate is that the experience to the user is unrivalled. There is no better form of technology in terms of presenting a property to a prospect buyer and that makes it essentially the world leading selling tool.

Customers have fed back that VR has forever changed their ethos on viewing and buying properties and most admitted that without the aid of VR probably will not endeavour on buying a property without this feature.

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