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Published On March 10, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Interior

We like to beautify our rooms by displaying our family photos on the walls. We may also show our artworks to decorate the walls. The canvas print is the right technique to do these things. You can print your art on canvas to give a unique look to the overall piece. Though some of us choose paper prints, the canvas is a better option for various reasons-

  • It never exhibits reflections
  • You can print large size images to cover your wall
  • The weight is also lower than that of the framed units
  • It is more affordable and easier for you to manage big size art printing on canvas
  • It developers a pleasing effect
  • Canvas art prints with no frame create an illusion of a window
  • As it is frameless, it goes with all types of home decorations
  • You may also install the canvas print on your bathroom  wall
  • Several innovative panels are available

Thus, while you like to decorate your walls, the canvas print is the simplest option for having a transformation. It adds better style and increases the aesthetic value of your room. You may choose more than one large prints, and make the room more colorful in look.

One of the popular options to the homeowners is three-piece canvas print. This type of art can create a gorgeous look to your wall, and you have to join all three pieces to form this beautiful thing. You can call it as triptychs, and these canvas prints are available with various prints. The common themes or photos, displayed with art canvas prints are


The image of a seascape with the beauty of sunset or sunrise allures all the viewers.

Family photos

Merge all your family members’ photos and insert them into one canvas. You may look for the canvas of various shapes to form the most distinctive piece.

Wedding shots

You can never erase the charming memories from your life. Customize your canvas prints with those photos.

Materials, used for a canvas print, are also of various types-

Cotton: It can produce best quality prints as the ink reaches the deeper part of fibers. It is also a much durable option for you.

Polyester: It is also a very cheap fabric with a vibrant look. However, you will face cracking issues with this fabric.

So, choose the right style and material for your canvas prints and get an incomparable result.


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