Why Plaster Is Better for Restoration

Published On July 6, 2018 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

If you want to enhance the looks of a historic home or older property, you will never go wrong by having it restored using plastering services. Not only do plaster creations enhance a home’s looks but they also set a house apart from other houses. Whilst plaster can be used, for instance, to create a smooth and neat look for a ceiling, you can also have a plasterer create bespoke decorations or cornices.

A Passion for Excellence

That is why many plasters are passionate about their work. Not only must they be skilled at the functional applications of plastering but they also must be artists. Therefore, this type of skill set is one that a homeowner can easily take advantage of.

Making a House a Home

Premium plastering companies in Glasgow hire plasterers and train them as well so they can guarantee high standards in their finishes. Indeed, plastering makes a house a home as it has the kinds of attributes that make it a long-lasting and reliable material. Where drywall can be easily damaged from moisture, plaster can withstand dampness better.

Thicker and Harder Walls

Plaster walls are harder than drywall walls too. Plus, traditional plaster walls are thicker. This means that a wall constructed with plaster or a cornice will stand up better to moisture or other abuses as well, such as dings or dents.

Better Insulation

Also consider this – if a wall is thicker, its insulation is also superior. Moreover, you will not hear noises as easily. After all, nobody really likes to live in a noisy dwelling that reverberates sound from various areas. According to experts in the building trade, a plaster wall dampens sound by as much as 52%. Even an older plaster wall has this type of effect.

Utilise Energy More Proficiently

If you wish to cut down on the amount of energy that you use during the winter and summer months, you will find that plaster is, again, preferred. The extra thickness that plaster provides makes it possible for you to feel cosier in the winter time and cooler during the summer months.

Better for Decorating

Not only is plaster a product that can be designed for decorating walls but it is also a functional material. That is why homeowners today prefer plaster over drywall and appreciate the various decorating options they enjoy when this type of material is used.

Crack Healing

In addition, plaster builds and rebuilds itself after it is applied. Therefore, this type of material has the capability of resolving small hairline cracks. While it will not heal large cracks, it will smooth out those small cracks that emerge from time to time.

If you are interested in a material that proves to be a superior product for building walls, cornices, and ceilings, you cannot find a better material than plaster.

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