Why Contemporary Rugs Can Complement Any Interior Design Style

Published On October 1, 2019 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

When decorating a home, some people forget about the space underfoot and consider how a rug can complete the room. Rugs are available in most design styles and materials, which can be overwhelming for homeowners when presented with so many options. Instead of trying to match your rug to your design theme, you may want to consider going in a different direction with a contemporary rug. Natural fiber or leather rugs can be just the thing to tie your room together, even in a traditional home. Here are a few of the reasons you should give a contemporary rug a try.

What Makes It Modern

Contemporary means different things to different people. Some feel it reflects the design style of the latter half of the twentieth century, while others see it more as a theme to fit the more casual or sophisticated lifestyle of today. The truth is that modern rugs are open to interpretation. You can find natural fibers or viscose rugs that fall in this category at a variety of price points. You may expect polyester rugs to be more affordable than hand-woven wool rugs. Whatever the cost or material, these rugs do tend to feature natural, more subtle tones that blend easily into the rest of a room’s décor.

Breaking the Mold

Another advantage of a contemporary rug is that you can look for a unique shape or pattern to create an eclectic look in your home. For example, a minimalistic room with cowhide rugs can make a bold statement. On the other hand, a modern space with vintage Oriental rugs may feel more balanced to have old and new blended together. Some rugs combine both, with an antique feel and pattern, but more current color schemes for a new interpretation.

Form and Function

No matter what style of rug you choose, you want it to be both durable and attractive. Natural fibers, such as jute leather rugs, are great for high-traffic areas because the fibers can stand up to a lot of use. Shag rugs are also making a comeback, not just for their look but also for their comfortable feel below your feet. Most homeowners like the idea of rugs that feel as good as they look, which is what they can get with contemporary rugs.

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