Why a naturally well-lit home important for healthy living?

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Most of the people think that lighting choices for their home as an individual preference, but have you ever thought that our decision for lighting can make a big change in our home? Yes, a good light at right time can actually make a big change in your family in terms of happiness, health, and productivity. The level of light in our home makes a huge difference in the way you feel as soon as you wake up. That is why it is important to keep your internal body clock alert in order to stimulate your body metabolism in the right way.

The intensity of the natural light plays a vital role from the time you wake up and till you go to bed, because it is very crucial for our wellbeing and health. The right amount of the light in the right time of your day helps in keeping you energized and alert, while dim lighting in the home affects the internal body clock and gives the cues of sleepiness and affects your mood and health. Many aspects of our self like mood, productivity, sleeping pattern, alertness and psychology depends upon the natural sunlight light So, next time when you are planning to purchase a 2 bhk flat for sale in Bangalore, make sure your home receives right amount of sunlight to keep you healthy and alert.


You need more energy and alertness in the morning for work and school. Many people go for a walk in the day time to receive sunlight for their wellbeing.

When your sleep pattern is disturbed it will affect the secretion of a hormone called melanin, which is crucial for your mental wellbeing.

Lack of sunlight affects your daily life in several ways:

  • Affects your sleeping pattern
  • Your thinking ability is affected
  • Secretion and release timing of your hormone is affected
  • Levels of your blood pressure and blood glucose are affected

Benefits of natural light:

If your home is well lit naturally then it makes you feel energized and relaxed. Apart from that you can also enjoy several other benefits.

  1. Saves electricity

If you receive adequate amount of sun light you can save electricity consumption up to 25 – 40 percent. Ultimately it helps you to save more money.

  1. Positivity in your home

As per a research, natural sun light creates positive vibration and helps people in various ways like promoting productivity, reducing mood swings, promoting healing and many more.

  1. Increasing productivity in office

Well-lit office rooms can increase productivity, because it helps in reducing the common human errors, mistakes, reduce the eye strain and promotes the working mood. So, take an extra care in placing the furniture at office. Place the work desk at a position where you receive good sun light.

  1. Well being

Exposure to sun light helps in receiving the vitamin D which is crucial for calcium absorption. Sun light is the only natural source of vitamin D, so exposure to morning sun light benefits you in several aspects.

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