When You Restore an Old House

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Your home is your sanctuary, but, sometimes, an older house can feel like a homework assignment. They don’t make homes the way they used to, and if you’re the proud owner of an older house, you know that all too well. If your home is close to a hundred years old (or older), then it was built according to different safety standards.

Lead pipes, outdated wiring, and asbestos are only a few of the irritations you might have to deal with. Updating an old house takes work! It’s worth the work, however, and that’s exactly why you purchased your home. You want to preserve the beautiful architecture, solid wood doors, and other unique features of your house. In order to do that, you’ll need to make some updates.

Update the Floor

What is the noisiest thing in your house?

It’s not your kids. It’s not the snoring of your spouse. It’s the creak and groan and squeak of your floorboards every time you walk across the upstairs landing. Besides being noisy, old floorboards can be a safety hazard: if they sag or warp, they could cause a member of your family to trip. You might be able to get away with the floorboards in some areas of your home, but you should still have a flooring expert come in and help you decide where to update your flooring.

Update the Electrical Wiring

If you trip your circuit board on a regular basis, then it’s time to update your electrical wiring. If you can’t use the toaster and your Keurig machine at the same time, then breakfast stops being the most important meal of the day and becomes the most stressful. Besides being a huge pain, your outdated electrical wiring is a hazard and could cause a fire. You can have it inspected, but chances are, you’ll need to get it updated.

Update the Heat

Hot water heaters can be handy. You can lay your wet clothes across them for an easy dry, or you can lay a plan across them for easy shelving. As far as convenient heat goes, however, you may want to update thus outdated heating method. Hot water heaters tend to be ineffective and loud. Plus, without an HVAC system, you’re doomed to window AC units. Get that update!

Update the Appliances

In a vintage home, you might acquire a few gorgeous appliances that are outdated but full of charm. If you want to keep the 1920s stove but get it to a more workable condition, contact a company that does appliance repair in Portland to get help with repairing your vintage pieces. You’ll be able to keep the gorgeous façade of your appliances without sacrificing ease of use.

Check for Toxic Material

One of the most important updates you can make to your new home is the removal of toxic material. Before the health hazards of these materials were known, homes were filled with lead pipes, lead paint, and asbestos insulation. You should have lead pipes replaced right away, and your asbestos insulation should be sealed immediately by a professional. As far as your paint goes, you should be alright as long as the paint is covered up: unless you’re remodeling. If paint dust is going to fill the air, do a self-check for lead paint.

Update the Foundation

Last, but not least, you should make sure the foundation of your home is solid. If your home is close to a hundred years old (or older) then it’s been holding up family after family for a very long time. It could be cracked or even crumbling, and that threatens the safety of the building and everyone in it. It’s possible to repair the foundation of your home yourself but in serious cases, you should hire a professional construction management company to help run the process.

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