What’s The Difference Between A Fire Cabinet And A Fire Safe?

Published On August 17, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Safety & Security

Every home or business has a mass of paper documents such as birth certificates, income tax statements and account books that need protection in the event of a fire breaking out. Larger establishments such as hospitals, legal institutions and schools have endless amounts of sensitive data stored as both paper and electronic files that would be almost impossible to replace if they should be caught in a fire. Secure storage in a suitable fire safe or fire cupboard is the most sensible solution but how do they differ?

Safe Versus Cupboard

A fire safe is generally small and compact whereas a fire cupboard is approximately three times larger and contains a generous internal storage area. For a small business or for use in the home, a fire safe is the perfect solution to keeping small amounts of valuable items and important personal documents secure from fire and theft. Large companies will obviously benefit from being able to store extensive quantities of data in a fire cupboard. For convenience, many cupboards are easily accessible through double doors and are commonly fitted with wheels for mobility.

Safety Tests

All fire safes and cupboards are tested to ensure they will withstand the heat of a fire. Safe manufacturers conduct stringent tests to ensure their safes and cupboards provide protection for their contents when subjected to fires that can reach 400 degrees Celsius and can burn for several hours. Interiors are designed to stay within various heat limits.

Fire Resistant Qualities

Fire safes and cupboards are manufactured from thick steel at least 1″ in thickness. Airtight, sealed doors are impervious to smoke and flames. Dense layers of thermal insulation ensure the temperature of the interior is kept to an optimum level. Inner linings of vermiculite and perlite, which are used in the construction of fire doors, are frequently used in fire safes and cupboards.

Safe Storage

Keeping valuables and documents secure from all events including fire and theft is an important task. There are many fire safes and fire cupboards to choose from with different levels of protection from heat and flames. Where a safe or cupboard is to be situated is equally important. Large cupboards can be wheeled to more suitable locations. For the best advice on every aspect of secure storage with a fire safe or fire cupboard, contact Securesafe one of the most experienced companies specialising in secure storage.

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