What to Look for when Buying a Yoga Mat

Published On July 10, 2019 | By Eric Carter | Featured

A yoga mat is a studio essential. It can help in improving stand, comfort, and posture while moving through your asana. Although studios usually rent out a yoga mat, you will want to buy your own from stores like Balmy Towels. Your commitment to yoga does not have to influence your decision to buy a mat; however, you may not have a good feeling about people’s sweat. Shared yoga mats tend to harbor bacteria and fungus. Also, if you want to do any yoga at home, you will need a mat. When buying a yoga mat, make sure to know what to look for:


A yoga mat may provide a nice design, the real concerns is what they are made out of. The material a yoga mat is made of directly impacts its texture, longevity, and thickness. Standard mats are made of PVC or vinyl while more contemporary ones are made from natural cotton, recycled rubbers, and jute. Mats made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are also available designed to solve a lot of issues with other materials. TPE is biodegradable, odorless, lightweight, and very soft to practice on while being effective in preventing slipping.


The majority of mats on the market are available with some type of tactile patterns which improves grip through your poses. If you attend a hot yoga session, you may want to invest in a mat with an extra sticky texture to enjoy maximum transaction. Soft cotton is a great option if you do another type of yoga. A lot of natural materials come with a rough texture to prevent sliding while synthetic mats have raised patterns for better grip. When shopping for a yoga mat, consider running your hand over various mats to know how they will feel when it’s time to use them in the studio.


When doing yoga, you certainly want to be comfortable. That is why you must use a yoga mat with the level of thickness you desire. A wafer-thin mat offers a better connection to the ground to ensure stability. Other people may choose a plush mat for cushion and comfort. Usually, people who are new to yoga will use a thicker mat.


Environment-friendly yoga mats provide you with peace of mind while you practice. A lot of them are made of cork, jute, or organic cotton. Additionally, a lot of yoga mats available these days are biodegradable. This means that your yoga accessory will not end up in a landfill.

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