What Plants to Select for a Garden

Published On March 13, 2018 | By Clare Louise | home improvement

There are many plants that can make our garden look great. But, we must choose the right ones and arrange them properly to enhance the appeal of our home. Nowadays, we can search for information online regarding the best plants to feature in our garden. However, the information that we have may not be enough. Consulting with professionals such as the Southern California landscapers will help us find the best plants for our landscape.

Types of Plants to Cultivate in Our Garden

Here are the types of trees that landscape designers in Southern California recommend.

1. Flowering Trees

Everyone loves flowers. Planting flowering trees in the garden add zest to our surroundings. The bright colors and sweet fragrance of the different blossoms can make the property deserve a higher resale price. Among the best flowering trees to plant in our garden are the Star Magnolia, Jane Magnolia, Ivory Chalice Magnolia, Heaven Scent Magnolia, Oleander, Red Bird of Paradise, and Witch Hazel. Magnolia trees can grow up to 40 meters tall and produce lovely blooms. The Oleander is another plant that others think as a shrub but can grow up to 20 feet tall. It has beautiful blooms. However, if there are pets or children around, planting an oleander can be dangerous because of its poison. Red Bird of Paradise is a tall shrub or short tree with orange and red blooms. Like the oleander, it has poisonous seeds.

2. Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs can make our yard an interesting place during each season. Shrubs that can make the spring season pulse with radiant colors include the Forsythia, azaleas and rhododendrons, lilac, and gold flame that has spring foliage. For the summer season, mountain laurels, hibiscus, and rose of Sharon adorn the yards of most homes. Fall shrubs make every lawn brighter than ever with their foliage. The most popular among the fall shrubs are the arrow-wood viburnum and the “bottlebrush shrub”. Plants that thrive during the winter season lend beauty to our landscape through their bark and the pattern of their branches. Among them are the corkscrew hazel, and the oak leaf hydrangea, whose leaves turn purple, bronze, orange, and red during the fall season. ea, whose leaves turn purple, bronze, orange, and red during the fall season.

3. Fast Growing Shrubs

Sometimes, we prefer to protect our privacy by making hedges out of fast growing plants. Professionals who specialize in outdoor design in Southern California recommend planting Cotoneaster: Berry King, Beautyberry, And Loropetalum: Queen of the Southeast, and Evergreens. All these plants grow fast and most of them easily thrive through the winter season. When properly trimmed, they add beauty to the landscape and serves as a protective cover from prying eyes of passersby.

4. Evergreen Shrubs

Green plants are relaxing to the eyes. They keep the environment cool and fresh. Evergreens keep their emerald color all throughout the year. When it snows, we can see the green stems and leaves peeping under the covering of white snow. Evergreens include azaleas, rhododendron, emerald and gold euonymus, and hemlock. When we plant these shrubs in our garden, we will have green shrubs to feast our eyes on.

We can ask from SoCal landscapers a list of other plants that we must add to our garden to achieve a lovely landscape.

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