What Other Services Can A Moving Company Provide You Apart From Moving?

Published On February 27, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Moving

Do you think that moving companies do nothing but simply loading your stuff on the vehicle? Yes, it’s true – but it actually means that you were living in the past.

Nowadays, moving companies are continually expanding their services. They not only help you in relocating those heavy furniture pieces and other belongings of your home and office but at the same time, they can assist you with the packing and unpacking as well as cleaning also.

What Exactly Can You Expect From A Moving Company?

You can get more than you can probably even imagine. Nowadays, most people are turning to moving companies for their relocation. It’s undoubtedly difficult to tackle everything alone when shifting to a new place. Moving companies can help you with professional movers, equipment for loading and unloading the huge items without damage, packing and unpacking the goods, and goods insurance.

Clearing the basement or garage

When shifting to a new place you need to clear the basement and garage, which is actually a time-consuming task in itself. Having a set of extra hands can make the work easier. Just call a moving company instead of repeatedly asking for help from your friends and cousins. They can also help you with the cleaning of sheds, attics or anywhere.

Hauling furniture from one point to another

From your bedroom to your basement, from the home to your office, consignment shop or second-hand store, a moving company can help you in relocating the furniture or any other huge items to the desired location. Of course, it will cost you some extra bucks. But, at least it will ensure complete peace of mind.

A moving company can also take care of small jobs tangential to relocation

  • Getting the huge antique cupboard down the staircase or out of the front door

  • Packing the fragile items

  • Re-assembling the furniture

  • Unpacking the stuff

  • Disassembling the furniture pieces and so on.

Even if you manage to tackle the entire relocation on your own, you will be left with unwanted items, like extra packing paper, unwanted cardboard boxes that you would just not love to deal with. However, with a moving company, you don’t have to worry about these extras and you can save yourself from the unwanted headache.

So if you are planning to relocate, just get in touch with the ADF Express for easy and affordable relocation.

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