What Makes Aluminum Balconies Superior To Ones That Are Made Of Other Materials

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Home balconies are very important to us in many ways. They are more like the much essential lung-spaces, from where we get to enjoy the beauty of landscapes, and breathe open air. While designing and constructing the balconies, all homeowners expect them to be strong, durable, and beautiful. Also, they will want their balconies to be affordable.

The balconies can be designed by using different types of materials.

For example, you can choose steel for balcony railings, but they are heavier in weight and expensive too. If the quality of steel is not up to the mark, then they will start rusting or corroding, with constant exposure to external climatic conditions.

Wood is again a commonly used material for balcony railings, but due to its tendency to get the rot, and high maintenance features (painting, sealing and staining), it might get difficult in the long run.

Aluminum railings for balconies offer the best solution, and they require considerably less maintenance. Malmerk Klaasium is one of the most reliable brands that build sturdy and long-lasting balconies for residential and commercial properties in Estonia.

Use of Aluminum in balconies offer numerous benefits:


Aluminum is a material that is not susceptible to rust or corrosion. It can easily withstand tough weather that includes snow, ice, UV rays and rain. Another good benefit of aluminum railings is that they don’t twist, splinter, warp, and shrink.

The sturdiness of aluminum contrasts amazingly with the fragility of wood. If you neglect the maintenance of wood railings, they will soon fall apart.


Aluminum balconies are sturdy, due to which they do not need a lot of maintenance. These aluminum railings are coated with powder which lasts for many years. Rodu made from these no maintenance railings are permanent. You won’t even get any cracks, peels or chips. You can maintain their looks, even if you get them cleaned only once a year.

Easy to Install

In comparison to several other kinds of balcony railings, aluminum based systems are quite easy to install. Your installation company will naturally charge you less for installing aluminum balconies. Most of the parts will be pre-fabricated as per the chosen designs. All they will need to do is assemble them. Please don’t attempt DIY project on balconies, especially if you don’t have any knowledge and experience.


As compared to other balcony materials like wrought iron or steel, aluminum railings are an affordable option. When comparing the cost of balcony railings, it is important to take note of the initial price of the materials, installation costs, repair costs, maintenance costs, and their average lifespan.

As aluminum needs no maintenance, it lasts for a relatively longer period than other materials. Wood is quite less expensive, but considering the ongoing expenses on its maintenance and repairs, it makes it a costly investment. As aluminum needs no maintenance, it lasts for a relatively longer period than other materials.

Strong and Safe

Aluminum is a material that is not just versatile, but also very strong. The strength of this material depends on the alloy. As aluminum balconies are non-ferrous and do not decay, rot, or rust, you need not worry about the issues that affect the strength and safety.

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This Guest Post has been written by Henry Bosco. Malmerk Klaasium is a reputed company that offers best construction services in Estonia. They provide an expert team of construction engineers, to build some of the most state-of-the-art rodu. You must visit their website to check out more designs.

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