What is the Difference Between a Villa and a Bungalow? 

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When it comes to real estate, certain terminologies are often used interchangeably and ‘bungalow’ and ‘villa’ are two of them. However, these two types of housing have some fairly distinct architectural and design characteristics. Our team here at Positano Las Colinas homes explains the difference between a villa and a bungalow below.

What is a Bungalow?

Bungalows are typically one-story abodes that are often on the small side square footage wise, but large bungalows are not that uncommon in luxury communities such as our Las Colinas condominiums. Architecturally, bungalows may also feature a small half-story raised loft that is ideal for a guest bedroom, home office or studio. Some of these homes feature sloped roofs with skylights that allow additional sunlight to penetrate the interiors to give the illusion of greater space. Many bungalows commonly feature a veranda and dormer windows to add character.

Bungalow homes are designed for comfort and livability, and their smaller size and single-story layout makes them easy to navigate and to keep clean. They are also highly energy efficient, so heating and cooling costs are typically low. Due to their construction, bungalows tend to afford residents greater levels of privacy as well. Bungalows can be an excellent choice for many families looking for new homes in Las Colinas, TX.

What is a Villa?

Villas have been around since antiquated Roman times and were considered the epitome of luxurious quarters. Today, villas are still generally considered to be upscale homes and are also popular choices for vacationing families. Villas can be spacious single-family dwellings or they may share a common wall with another unit similar to condos that Las Colinas has for rent.

Villas typically feature open floor plans with lots of windows to allow natural light in and highlight the architectural design of the home. However, it’s often the outdoor amenities that make the villa lifestyle so appealing. These homes are often graced with lush landscaping, elegant terraces, dual-storied patios, sun decks and other features that aren’t typical in the average home.

If you’re looking for Tuscan inspired villas or bungalow style homes or condos for rent in Las Colinas, TX contact Positano Homes.

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