What are the Signs of Mold in Your Home?

Published On January 15, 2020 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

You may not realize it, but mold could be lurking within your house. By the time you realize, mold could have invaded your house. When mold grows in your home, your eyes, lungs, and skin could be affected. Mold not only affects your health but also causes extensive damages to your house down the line. By knowing the signs of mold in your house, you can act quickly and prevent further damages.

Here are the signs that indicate mold in your home:- 

A must or damp smell 

If you could smell an unpleasant odor that you are not used to it inside your home, it is worth investigating. If you notice a musty or damp smell inside your house, it indicates that there may be a mold issue. Different molds have different odors, so it is hard to pinpoint the exact smell. However, if you notice a different odor, call a professional who is specialized in Albuquerque mold removal.

Your eyes are watery 

Many have allergic reactions to mold, and the symptoms can include itchy and watery eyes, coughing, and nasal congestion. If you are experiencing these symptoms, mold may be the culprit. You have to track your reactions for two weeks to see if they become worse when you are in certain rooms or spaces in your house. If you suspect mold is triggering these symptoms, call in a mold removal company Albuquerque to perform a mold inspection and remove it safely.

Past flooding 

Past flooding can also create mold issues. Mold is not just a short-term possibility after flooding happens. It can also be problematic after a long period after flooding takes place. So, if your home is flooded in the past, you have to check the previously flooded areas for mold even if you haven’t noticed any mold shortly after the flooding.

Visible growth 

If you see mold, then for sure mold is lurking in your home. However, the question is, how much? Often, the mold which you cannot see it the scariest because you will never know how much damages it has caused in your home. It is better to contact the mold removal company and perform a mold inspection.

Water leaks 

Previous and current leaks indicate the presence of mold in your home. No matter if it is a leaky pipe or a leak in the roof; these often produce moisture in ignored places. Fixing the water leaks as early as possible is the key to prevent mold growth.

Peeling paint 

If you notice that the paint is peeling from the walls, it indicates moisture, and where there is moisture, there is probably mold. Covering it with a fresh coat of paint is not a permanent solution. You have to find the source of the moisture and fix it.

If you see any mold spores in your home or suspect you have mold, call in a professional for mold removal Albuquerque nm.

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