What are the Differences between Commercial Office Cleaners and Janitorial Service

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Are you running your own business? If you own any business office then you will certainly realize the importance of having a neat and clean office environment. The condition of office can either attract or repel your customer. Most of the good companies will refuse to conduct business with such companies who cannot even manage to keep their office properly organized and clean.

Good working environment will also motivate your employees to give their best performance and as a result the productivity of your company will increase and also eventually the results will show up. It has been proved repetitively that people working in clean environment are always happy and become more productive.

There are a number of cleaning services as well as janitorial services available in Bay City, and Midland, located in the central part of Michigan State, USA. Many good companies usually hire their regular services while few smaller companies with very limited resources often prefer to hire a third party who provides both commercial as well as janitorial services. Though both these services are used to signify cleaning service however there are few basic differences between their services. Let us therefore understand the differences between them so that while hiring any Bay City Commercial Cleaning services we know what we are going to get from them.

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Differences between commercial and Janitorial services

Usually any janitorial services perform smaller cleaning tasks which is done on everyday basis. While a commercial cleaning service provider usually take up very big jobs which is needed at certain periods which may be few times in a year. As an example, janitorial service will do vacuum cleaning on daily basis on your carpet while a commercial cleaning service may perform deeper level of carpet cleaning service once or twice in a year.

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As already mentioned such kind of services will be carried out on daily basis where they will clean your workplace, furniture, office equipment so that your office looks perfectly clean and organized. Most of the company’s hire the janitorial service as per their need which may be daily, weekly or twice in a week depending upon the extent of work or the budget available with the company. When company hires any janitorial service, the individual employees are responsible for keeping their area in proper order so that the service provider can come and clean without disturbing their works.

Professionals who provide such janitorial service come with their equipment and tools to clean the place quickly and efficiently. Following are few services that are included in janitorial service:

  1. Cleaning of kitchen or breakrooms of employees
  2. Restroom cleaning
  3. Vacuuming of carpets
  4. Sweeping and mopping of floors
  5. Emptying trash
  6. Dusting
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People hire any Midland Commercial Cleaning services for cleaning any bigger jobs which is not done on daily basis. These services are provided on appointment basis and usually done once or twice in a year. Following are few examples of commercial cleaning services:

  1. Tie and grout cleaning
  2. Deeper carpet cleaning
  3. Window or roof cleaning
  4. Hard surface floor cleaning
  5. Power washing

You can avail both type of cleaning based on your requirements.

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