What are air hoses used for?

Published On July 23, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

Air hose is a hose which carries air under pressure; a hose is a flexible pipe for conducting either a liquid or a gas.

Unlike conventional power tools which are powered by a battery, air tools use pressurized air. This article will discuss about air-hose, how the air tools work and the choices to look at when looking for an air-hose.

How Air hose works

An air compressor squeezes air into a smaller volume, which definitely means that the pressure will increase proportionally. Most compressors use the piston and cylinder arrangement which is normally powered by an engine or an electric motor. This helps to compress the air which increases its pressure.

Air hose connectors are needed because it connects the compressor to the regulator, filter or lubricator. You also need a work-hose in order to connect it to your tool. There are very many options available in the market from which you can choose. These hoses are made from plastic or rubber. Some are coiled while others are non-coiled. As for the choice rubber is more flexible compared to plastic. Plastic also cracks with time because it is rigid. Air hoses have different internal diameters. An air-hose with a small diameter can cause a drop in pressure hence less power will be supplied. A long air-hose too will cause the pressure to drop having an effect of lowering the power. It is highly recommended you choose an air-hose that will not frustrate in terms of power and one that can last a little bit longer.

Air hose fittings are an accessory tools which are required when using air tools.

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