Ways to Create a Scandinavian Kitchen

Published On September 18, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement


Scandinavian kitchens are the embodiment of ‘less is more’. The subtleties in their design are what makes them so aesthetically pleasing and inviting as a kitchen design option. Taking the minimalistic approach and twisting it to add some much needed warmth to an otherwise purely functional design. 

Kitchens Colwyn Bay are proficient in creating stunning Scandinavian inspired kitchens. Here are some ideas to help you get started on your very own Scandinavian kitchen.


The rule of thumb with Scandinavian kitchens is, handles are a complete no go. The general idea is that your kitchen is a continuous, uninterrupted line, so handles don’t fit the criteria. Instead opt for push mechanism opening cupboards, they can be a little pricey but will look stunning. Think about incorporating some of the latest technology into your kitchen, have an electronic control center for things like lighting, temperature and even music. 

Nothing is Too Modern

Going hand-in-hand with the hands-free theme, a Scandinavian kitchen by design is there to assist you in cooking. Therefore, modern appliances, the latest technology and utensils are not only a helpful addition, they also look stylish and fit in beautifully with your new theme.

Less is More

Minimalism, you learn to love it. If you are lucky enough to be designing your new kitchen from scratch, head to your current kitchen and make a list of all the items you currently have sitting on the worktops, on the table – now sit down with your kitchen designer North Wales and think of some creative ways to store those items in a cupboard out of sight.

Bold Patterns

Time to show off a little bit of that personality, just not too much. Think about wallpapers and kitchen textiles; tea towels, coasters, table cloths, even oven gloves. Choose a style you like; go crazy with zigzags, loopy with dots or startle with stripes. Keeping things somewhat contained will allow each small detail to really stand out and look impressive.

A Pastel Pop

In addition to the bold patterns, you can soften the harsh whiteness of your kitchen with a sprinkling of pastel colours. Some artwork on the walls, curtains or blinds, seat covers, or even a rug in a pastel shade can add some warmth your kitchen might be lacking. If you have a family, it is equally important to make your Scandinavian kitchen not only extremely functional but also inviting – the social hub of your home. 

White, White, White

Clean, sleek and effortlessly brilliant white. The desire you have to deviate from pure white even slightly in shade will take away the starkness of a Scandinavian kitchen. The white is there to create light; to direct the focus onto your other design choices and most importantly to give the illusion of more space. Without elegant white walls your kitchen won’t have the polished, put-together look of a Scandinavian kitchen. 

Starting at the beginning is obviously the easiest way to create a Scandinavin kitchen, but luckily it’s not the only option. A few simple design tweaks and alterations can help to transform your current kitchen into the Scandinavian style with ease. 


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