Various Methods That You Can Use to Pay Your Electricity Bills

Published On November 22, 2018 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

Various electricity companies issue methods that clients will use to pay their electricity bills. A number of these methods include paying quarterly or use of direct debits. Clients can also pay using cheques or cash. Households can also pay their energy bills using a credit meter. The most suitable method of payment that most households adore is a monthly fixed direct debit. This method of payment is well recognized in assisting various people in budgeting. It’s well regarded as a perfect method that can effectively secure a discount on all your bills. Other methods like paying bills quarterly, in advance or on a receipt would mean that at the end you’ll be required to pay extra cash more than that you are initially supposed to when you use a cheaper method. Let’s look at some of the other methods of payment that you would go for.

A Fixed Monthly Direct Debit

If you decide to settle your electricity bill by a fixed monthly direct debit, your regular supplier will conduct what is called an estimation. The supplier will attempt to estimate the amount of energy that you may use in the coming year. After getting an estimation, they will divide it into a 12-month installment. After all that is done, a set-up of a direct debit for the energy bill will be projected in your bank account every month. A fixed monthly direct debit means that the money to pay your bill is automatically deducted from your bank account and transferred to the supplier’s account.

Prepayment Meter

This kind of a meter is a domestic type of energy meter that works under the terms of use ‘as pay as you go tariff’. Many people get confused about this mode of payment. However, consultations from a Prepaid Electricity Texas company could greatly assist. This mode allows households to settle their gas and electricity bills earlier enough by topping up credit into their smart card. The card is then inserted in a meter and the transaction carried out.

Payment of Energy Bills on Receipt

Many households can go for this mode of payment. This is a method where they can settle their energy bills on a receipt of three months. Alternatively, the bill can also be paid by use of a debit card, cash or even a credit card. All cash payments can be paid at the bank or at the post office. All cheque payments can also be made at the post office or bank. Card payments are done via a mobile phone or done online. This type of payment is also referred to as quarterly cash. All households that decide to make payments using a cheque are required to ensure that they make the payment on due time so that they don’t miss the deadline. Energy companies always give discounts to customers that pay their bills using cheques and meet the deadline. However, the kind of discount that is offered here is not better than the one that is given to households that pay using direct debit.

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