Using Christmas Decor Everyday of the Year

Published On October 18, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home Decor

October usually marks the sale of Halloween goodies, however, you will discover Christmas decorations and lights can fill the shelves early. Box after box, the lights are ready to be strung nicely or even willy-nilly on millions of trees, houses, and even around the house.

Christmas lights are made in a variety of shapes and colors and thrown over mantels, and around doorways. When January 1st rolls around, back into the boxes they go (though never as neatly as they emerged). Instead of trying to fruitlessly shove them back, use these lights for something other than Christmas decor. The marvelous thing about Christmas lights are that they can be used anytime, anywhere. You never have to break a sweat about being home to turn them on or off; you can make sure your lights come on exactly when you need them to. Here are some ideas to utilize them every month of the calendar no matter the date.

There are quite a few selections of colored lights and holiday knick-knacks that fall during autumn. Halloween,Thanksgiving, and the abundance of Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot, the Jewish holiday celebrating the harvest also known as the “agricultural thanksgiving.” You can carve a real or fake pumpkin accompanied by leaves, gourds, and orange lights scattered around for a warm glow to create a great centerpiece. It can also be included as part of a decorative arrangement with lights either placed inside the carved out pumpkin or surrounding the seasonal pieces. Make your house on the block stand out and become a beacon to trick-or-treaters. Houses decked out with spooky ghosts, masked superheroes, and orange or purple lights wrapped around banisters signal that delicious candy is ready to be given out.

Driving past a house draped with LED twinkling icicle lights lets the property stand out, adding a little extra to your decorations. They add flair to the atmosphere to the or the perimeter of the house. You can see the glow glistening from the now covered bushes, creating a sparkle that is already there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Christmas lights. You can begin a fun tradition with the family, driving around and looking at the houses with lights. Wouldn’t it be awesome for your house to end up the must see list of fantastic houses? And don’t worry, you don’t have to compete with the 75-footer in Rockefeller Center. You can just create your own wonderland that fits into your style.

Highlight those softball trophies you get is by surrounding them with LED lights. They are safer to use, remain cool to the touch, and may dim over time. A bonus about these lights? They save you money on the long run and you don’t have to stress about unplugging them. You can illuminate the backyard or patio easily by hanging strands of different types of lights such as outdoor safe Edison lights. Don’t use that old, rusted bicycle? Place lights in and around it and place it in your garden for a whimsical addition. Wrap lights around the trunks of trees, interweave around an archway leading into the backyard, use strips of lights to brighten up a garden path or walkway, or under the umbrella with multiple solar options. It brightens up any BBQ and outside gathering. Spruce up a romantic setting with LED lights that are bright enough to see your meal but soft enough to help with the mood!

There are also so many cool ways to use lights indoors. Wrap a hula hoop with lights and suspend it over a child’s bed with ribbon or fishing line. Fill a few used wine bottles or vases with different colored lights, wrap some around a stack of books or shelves in your library to add a touch of magic to the mundane. Use just a bit of you imagination with Christmas lights to make the ordinary pop!

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