Top Tips For Hiring A Foundation Repair Contractor

Published On December 5, 2017 | By Eric Carter | home improvement

Foundation job is an extensive process and by all means, it is not a do it yourself job. You have to hire a foundation repair contractor so that the work gets done properly. But the trillion dollar question is how to select a reliable contractor who knows foundation job pretty well. A few handy tips are suggested here which will help you to streamline your task.

Verify online and check their portfolio

This is a preliminary step where you will get to see the work history of the contractor. You need to verify the knowledge of the contractor, the challenging jobs he has done so far, and his clients’ feedback about him. All these points will help you in understanding the level of expertise of the contractor in rendering Foundation repair servicesCheck if the work you need is of the same category: if yes, go for next level of research.

Check for license and the professional accreditation

Having a valid license for doing a foundation job is a necessary qualification for the contractor you have chosen so far. Also, check if the foundation repair action of the said contractor is evaluated by ever by ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Services). The certification of a non-profit organization like International Code Council Evaluation Services is a great guarantee for a foundation repair contractor, you can rely upon.

Verify the costing

A good professional foundation repair work cannot be cheap and a reputable contractor will never be agreed to get the job done at a loss. What you can do is you may ask for free quite for 2-3 competitive contractor companies and decide accordingly based on the viability of these quotes. One point you may always check: if there is no depth clause in the quotation, the proposal may lack authenticity.

Ask for written warranty

Foundation repair job is a major maintenance job that ensures the durability of a structure. For the natural reason, it has to be done by adhering to a standard parameter of longevity. So a written warranty is one of the main issues you have to have before hiring a foundation repair specialist contractor.

A reputable contractor will offer you a quotation only after the thorough visit to the site. If a contractor wishes to give you work-estimation without detail inspection, you are not encountering the right person perhaps. You must be aware of it.

These are the steps for selecting a foundation repair expert contractor for the first time. If you can get to collect any personal reference for finding a professional one, you can skip these intermediate research processes easily.


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