Top Tips for Buying a Luxury New Build Apartment

Published On January 24, 2019 | By Dora Romero | Real Estate

Should You Buy?

The United Kingdom is certainly no stranger to rising house prices. The prices of houses have been increasingly slowly but surely over the past few years, continually adding pressure to first time buyers and anyone trying to buy a new home. This means that it is often beneficial for potential buyers to pause and ask themselves what, when and whether they should buy. Concentrating on whether buying is affordable and the right long-term decision is a tough one, but luxury new build apartments North Wales are sure to start twisting people’s arms.

The Other Costs of Buying

Despite the fact that these wonderful new build apartments in North Wales have people across the country wanting them, you should really take a second to work out all the other potential or guaranteed costs when buying a house. You should expect to pay a mortgage arrangement fee. These fees can vary in size but the most common amount is £1000. This is another fee that lenders will charge you to check the property exits and that their loan is secure after carrying out a survey.

There is often more than just one survey when purchasing a house, so budget for at least two or three, as well as some more budget set aside for surprise fees. Unless you have your own van or are prepared to make multiple trips, think about the costs of removals. Also, don’t forget about any odd DIY or furniture jobs that you will need to carry out. If the house is old you are sure to need to add a lick of paint, and if you are coming from a furnished rented apartment, you are sure to need new furniture.

Timeline for Buying in North Wales

Finding a property requires research via estate agents and websites. Viewing houses, finding the perfect one, and putting in an offer can take several weeks, and then there is the wait after putting in an offer, which is known to take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. If your offer is accepted then the next step is to arrange a survey of the property for solicitors to analyse any legal issues. The exchange and sale process can take an additional month, if not more. All of this time should be taken into account, with additional time added just in case.

Observe the Neighbourhood

No matter how luxury the apartment or house you may be buying is, it is always worth checking out the neighbourhood before signing anything. You need to love your neighbourhood as much as you love your new house, so go on foot and discover the area; are the walls covered in graffiti? Will the local shops provide you with what you need? If you are choosing a luxury new build apartment in North Wales, you are sure to love the area; there are plenty of shops, and with the gold and sea views, it is guaranteed to be love at first sight.

Find Out as Much as You Can

Be sure to find out as much information about the property as you possible can. Ask as many questions as possible such as; how many views has it had? How many people have put in an offer? How long has the property been on the market? Have there been any disputes with neighbours? How old is the boiler and when was it previously inspected? Is there information on who will be living upstairs/downstairs or next door?

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