Top of the Line Office Stools for Innovative Workplaces

Published On April 15, 2019 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

Office places are a constant stream of new ideas and fresh approaches to the way things get done. If things like computers and technology are always upgrading to the next best thing, shouldn’t the office itself? An easy way to make the office a better place is by starting with the desk and office chair. If the money is not present for a brand new desk, the office chair is the next best option. Instead of a chair, an office stool provides a better experience. These four options are top of the line when it comes to office productivity.

Success Starts With a New Office Stool

HON Perch Stool

Perch by HON is the perfect active seating solution when searching for a better stool to work on. The pneumatic seat height adjustments offer an easy and simplified move from a seated position to a standing position by the touch of a button. User weight capacity is 250 pounds, making this a chair suitable for most body types. The lightweight frame and flared handle on the seat back allows this stool to be easily rearranged so that any space, environment, and occasion fits the HON Perch Stool’s frame. Swivel side to side for conversation, tilt forward or back, or swivel 360 degrees to make every movement imaginable a possibility in the workplace.

Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat

The Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat also features pneumatic seat height adjustment that makes a quick and precise adjustment easy. Made from a durable vinyl material that covers the seat and back, experiencing all day comfort is easy just by sitting on the Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat. Move smoothly and efficiently with a stool that understands how to support the body, which also features a foot ring for added comfort. If a more traditional stool fits the taste of an office, the Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat is perfect.

Autonomous ErgoStool

The entire Autonomous brand is based on ergonomic solutions for a busy workplace. No matter what the environment is, an ErgoStool is the easiest way to enjoy a better desk experience thanks to its design and low price. Color options also allow users to find what blends in well with the office, helping to keep the visual impression of the space cohesive. The ErgoStool allows for a sit stand hybrid position as well. Instead of always being seated, the ErgoStool expands from 24” to 34”, assisting in the process of stretching out the lower body and increasing blood flow. To avoid things that cause trouble down the line, purchasing an ErgoStool is the smartest decision to make. The entire line of ergonomic office products and accessories from Autonomous can be found at

Safco Twixt Active Seating Chair

For a bold choice in the office, the Safco Twixt Active Seating Chair is a great fit. The design of this stool helps to promote small movements throughout the day, which can help avoid things like stiff limbs or that strain so many know by 5pm. The Safco Twixt Active Seating Chair also actively works the body by helping engage major muscle groups to support better posture and balance. It can’t be overstated enough how important it is to keep the body loose over the course of the day. If not, muscles contract and weaken, causing more threat of injury as employees age. In bold colors and a timeless design, the Safco Twixt Active Seating Chair offers a solution.

Rethink the Workplace

The office is always changing, and so should the office chair. Traditional designs are a thing of the past thanks to these four amazing, ergonomic office stool options.

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