Today’s Home Air Conditioners are Valuable Even in the Winter Months

Published On July 26, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

Winter is approaching. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling from the trees, the squirrels are packing nuts away and everyone is planning out how to integrate their winter clothes into their wardrobe choices. This also means that the need for your home air conditioner has great diminished or more likely ceased.

Residential air conditioners are thought of as the summer’s most valuable appliance. It is what we all think about when we are trapped in the summer heat and what we hope will greet us first when we finally come inside. It is also a health and wellness tool. Air conditioning has saved the lives of many young and elderly who would have certainly succumbed to the heat had it not been present. So air conditioning plays a key role in the comfort and good health of many when the heat is high.

Today’s High Quality Air Conditioners

What is less thought of is the role today’s air conditioner can play during the winter months. Over the past decade, air conditioners have had major technological upgrades. New air conditioners give homeowners unprecedented control including an ability to program them in advance and to control them remotely. Are you coming home and would love to do so to a cool home? You can now program your air conditioner from your smart phone and have your home the desired temperature when you arrive. If you leave your home and forget to turn the unit off, you can turn it off from any location on the planet via your smartphone’s internet connection. You can also choose a variable speed unit that allows you to gain better control over the exact temperature in your home. These new advancements also save you money on your electric bill.

You Air Conditioner is Also Now Valuable in the Winter

Today you can purchase an air conditioner with a reverse cycler, which will allow your AC unit to both cool and heat your home. These high quality air conditioners contain a heat pump that works in conjunction with the standard air conditioning units internals to create and distribute heat through ducts or as a ductless system.

A reverse cycle air conditioner eliminates your need to purchase a separate heating unit for your home. This also eliminates having to make separate service calls for the cooling and heating units and the heating will have the same level of efficiency as the cooling meaning that if you purchase a reverse cycle air conditioner, you will save money on both cooling and heating.

The best part is that you can use all of the air conditioner’s technology features including its programmability and remote on / off, in both cooling and heating modes.

Consider purchasing a new reverse cycle air conditioner because it will save you money to operate and on service. Now your air conditioner can be your favorite home appliance all year round.

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