Tips, Tricks, and Ideas on How to Live in Small Places.

Published On May 24, 2018 | By David Standridge | Featured

Some people are faced with the decision to live in a small place probably because it fits their lifestyle and favors their finances. However, living in small spaces was never an intention for some people but became a reality due to major life changes i.e. job change, or a growing family. It does not matter if you are there by choice or circumstance, making your small space work for you is necessary. In this post, you’ll learn of some ideas on how to live in small spaces.

#1: Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Like it or not, when you have less space to work with, you are going to have to live with less stuff. You can start off by donating outgrown clothes, getting rid of sentimental clutter, disposing broken items that you haven’t repaired are steps you can take to downsize your belongings. Items you haven’t used in three months should go too. You’ll be amazed by the amount of space you have saved.

#2: Double Up with Bunk Beds

Because of limited space, it won’t be ideal to get a large sized bed each for your kids. Else, there won’t be enough room and your kids would have to share beds. A simple way to resolve this is to use bunk beds. This way your kids can have personal beds and you still save space. You can order quality bunk beds conveniently from online stores like

#3: Go with a Closet Nursery

So, you have a toddler, having a designated room for the nursery might not be an option considering the minimal space you are trying to manage. One possible alternative is a closet nursery. You can get creative and transform your closet to a nursery. You could start off by ditching the changing table for a changing pad on the top of the dresser. Check online for DIY tutorials.

#4: Embrace Small Furniture

If you are a sucker for large furniture, you might want to reconsider. You wouldn’t want a couch to take the space for two mini couches. Invest in small furniture, including desks, and other space-saving kitchen tables. By doing so, you’ll maximize your space and still enjoy the furniture that makes home truly feel like home.

#5: Expand your Space with a Large Mirror

Another classic design gimmick is to use a large mirror to make a small space look and feel larger. It could either be in the living room, bedroom, or elsewhere in your home. Try incorporating this simple, yet remarkable hack.


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