Tips To Keep Racoons Away

Published On April 17, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

Racoons are small mammals a little bigger than your average house cat. They are native to North America and although one would think most animals stick to forested areas, racoons are known to frequently wander and even live in towns and major cities. Human encroachment on their natural habitat has something to do with this but mostly they stick around populated areas because that’s where they find the most food. They are also very adaptable and can live almost anywhere including abandoned cars, sheds and even attics that are not properly secured from the outside.

The racoon diet is quite diverse. They are omnivores so they will quite literally eat anything they find including garbage, pet food, leftovers from your kitchen table and a variety of plants and bugs. They are also good climbers and can fit easily into small spaces and these are also factors in their adaptability. You can usually tell when a racoon has been lurking around your properly; they are not very quiet and they tend to leave a mess behind. Often times, you will hear crashing and banging sounds when a racoon is around. This happens when they try to take the lid of a trash can or toss things around to get to the thing they want to eat. They also have a habit of tearing up lawns trying to get the grubs that live in the grass. For these reasons, you are likely annoyed with the presence of raccoons in your neighbourhood and are keen on keeping Racoons away from your home. However, fear not because there are ways you can prevent a racoon invasion on your property.

So if you’ve gone outside in the morning and noticed your trash can turned over and your lawn torn up, you likely have a racoon problem. However, you shouldn’t really consider it a problem because they really don’t know any better. They are simply trying to survive just as we are so they have just as much of a right to be here as we do. That’s why it’s pertinent that you take safety precautions when dealing with racoons, not only to protect yourself but to protect them as well.

The first thing to consider when taking matters into your own hands is your safety. They can carry diseases and they do tend to attack when cornered. To avoid being bitten or scratched when keeping racoons away from your home, be careful when approaching a known racoon hideout and never try to catch them with your bare hands. The first thing you should try before everything else is spraying your property, including the shed and attic and anywhere else where there are signs of raccoons, with a substance that they don’t like. Some smells that send raccoons in the opposite direction include ammonia and more natural smells such as black pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic. It will also help to install censored flood lights in your yard as the bright lights might scare them away. Keep garbage in a secure bin and spray it with a deterrent when it is left outside. Don’t leave dishes with pet food laying around outdoors either as this will attract them. If these easy tasks don’t work, you may need to call in a professional trapper. These trappers lure the racoons into a trap using foods they like, such as peanut butter or fruit, and release them back to the forest. To avoid repeat issues, continue using the above measures for prevention. It’s also a good idea to make sure your home and shed are secure so critters can’t enter. Racoons are very smart and determined so without proper prevention, you will likely see more racoons invading your space.

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