Tips for Choosing the Paint Colour for a Retail Shop

Published On October 17, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

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Believe it or not, colours you utilise in your retail shop can influence customer’s buying decision and your employee’s productivity as well. For decades, neutral colours were considered as the best shades for shops. But, today, many shops use bright hues for their retail shop. However, the professional commercial painters Sydney recommends choosing a store paint colour that is related to your shop or brand.

It is not just the colours of the shop is not the major influencing factors of consumers shopping experiences. The overall store colour ideas also play an integral role in whether or not the customer will make a purchase. So, how will you choose the colours for your shop? Here are a few ideas on how to choose the paint colour for a retail store.

Share your story with colour 

Instead of selecting the shades that you like, why not have a theme? In fact, it can be more effective to start with a theme and choose shades that represent the concept. Ensure the theme is based on your brand.

Comfort and calm your consumers 

While cool shades like blue and green have a calming effect, warm hues like orange and browns will be inviting and reassuring to shoppers. As orange is associated with happiness, it will make the shoppers happy and are more likely to linger longer in your store. Shoppers make judgements about your store within a few seconds of contact. Although it is not fair, we all do it. We may have spent hours in a shop just because it is comfortable. Each store decor and colour had something to do with how long you stayed. So, paint your store with shades that are pleasant and calm.

There are two uses of colour in a store – the primary (neutrals) and secondary (bold accent colours) shades. The primary colour should be 80% of your store decor as it helps to create a relaxed atmosphere for customers to shop. Go with monochromatic or complementary colour schemes and create a contrast by choosing shades that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.  If you are struggling to select colours, get help from the painters Sydney as they can give you more ideas and help choose the right colour combinations.

Build brand recognition 

According to a study, colours can enhance brand recognition by 80%. Incorporating logo colours into your retail decor will help shoppers associate those shades with your brand. Ensure the shades you choose should help build your brand. So, if you have a logo, use those colours while painting your shop. Yes, you need to think beyond just painting the walls of your store.

Take time and discuss with the commercial painters and choose the shades wisely. Your shop decor must make shoppers feel comfortable and most importantly, let the products shine. But, ensure to highlight but not overpower your product. Yes, do not drown out what you are selling by immersing in too many shades. When it comes to strata painting Sydney job, call in a professional commercial painter.

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