Time Saving Interior House painting Tips and Tricks

Published On April 4, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

Ending up with DIY paint job you can be proud of isn’t easy (which is why most hire professionals), but these time saving interior house painting tips and tricks can help.

Remove Drywall Dust First

If there is drywall dust on your walls, wiping it off will help ensure that you end up with nice, smooth walls. The best tool for the job is a microfiber duster.  Why? Because the fibers that make up microfiber work like mini-magnets to grab and hold onto a ton of dust.

Use High Quality Rollers

When it comes to interior house painting, there’s nothing more annoying than using a roller to paint a wall, only to find it leaving lint pieces behind. The #1 way to prevent this from happening is to not buy a cheap roller. If you do notice an excess amount of lint on the roller, try using tape to remove it.

Easy Clean Up Tip – Line the Roller Tray with Foil

One of the coolest clean up tips is to line the roller tray you’re going to use with aluminum foil. Cut a piece that’s longer/wider than the tray so you can create a mold around it and wrap the ends underneath to keep it in place.

Use a Roller frame with an Extendable Pole

One of our most recommended interior house painting tips is to use a roller frame with an extendable pole because it makes painting walls and ceilings easier and faster. No more going up and down on ladders and moving them around the room.

Use Cotton Drop Cloths

Interior house painting is a messy job, with spills and splatters that seem to happen no matter how careful you are. The best and safest way to protect your floors is to use cotton drop cloths. The reason plastic isn’t the best choice is because they don’t stay in place as well as cotton drop cloths and are slippery to walk on.

Paint in the Right Order

Interior house painting experts follow a precise order when painting a space. They typically start with the trim first, move on to the ceiling, and then paint the walls. One of the reasons behind this is that it’s a lot easier to tape off the trim than it is to tape off the walls. Bottom line, for the best results, follows this pattern.

Get the Perfect Edge

To end up with a perfect edge, don’t pull the tape off trim until the paint is dry which can take 24 hours. Rushing through an interior house painting project isn’t a good idea, especially if you want great results.

Avoid Varying Paint Colors

It’s commonly known that the same paint color different cans will vary from each other. So, if you need to open a new can in the middle of painting a room, the change will more than likely be noticeable. You can avoid this by mixing the amount of paint you’re going to need in a large bucket.  That way you’ll end up with the exact same color in the room.

Don’t Go Cheap on the Paint

If you buy cheap paint you’re going to be disappointed with the durability. Low quality paint will also take more time (multiple coats) and you’ll be left with a lot of patchy areas to fix. High quality paint is a dream to use and typically doesn’t require as many coats. You’ll also love the end results when it comes to a professional looking finish and durability.

These time saving interior house painting tips and tricks can help you with your DIY paint job. That said; if you don’t feel like taking it on, do yourself a favor and hire a reputable house painting company.


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