The types of cpvc pipe fittings that are trending today

Published On October 19, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home improvement

The pipe fittings are essential to work done in all buildings, apartments, plumbing, etc. A lot of varieties are available in the pipes, for example, pvc pipes and cpvc pipes. The cpvc pipe stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. It is important engineering thermoplastic due to its low cost, high glass transition temperature, high heat distortion temperature, chemical inertness and it is outstanding in mechanical, dielectric, and flame properties. Continue reading to know more about the cpvc pipe prize used today.

Types of pipe fitting 

The various types of pipes are available in the plumbing system for different purposes and functions. The pipe fitting is done to join the multiple pipes or the same or different sizes of pipes to measure the flow. They are made up of different materials like copper, iron, brass, cpvc, etc.

Elbow pipe fittings

The shape of the pipe is said to be an elbow, the elbow is used to change the direction of flow between the two pipes. The angle available for elbow pipes is 22.5,45, and 90 degrees. The elbow pipes are made up of different materials. So you choose an elbow pipe which you require.

Reducer pipe fittings  

This is the pipe fitting component which reduces the flow size of the pipe from larger to smaller. By reducing the size requires then it is called reducer pipe fitting. These pipes have two different types such as concentric reducer and eccentric reducer. The concentric pipes which in cone shape provides the accumulation of air possible and results in cavitations. The eccentric reducer which having one edge parallel to connecting pipes and due to accumulation is not possible.

Tee type pipe fitting 

It is a component of the plumbing system, which occurs in T shape and it has one inlet and two outlets. The outlets are arranged at 90 degrees to the mainline connection. It is used to combine the flow from two inlets to one outlet. The different materials and sizes are available in this pipe fitting. If the three sides of the pipe are similar then it is called the equal tee.

The cross-type 

The cross-type pipe fitting contains 4 openings in 4 directions, due to the connection the 4 points meet together. It generates more stress on the pipe as the temperature changes, because they locate in 4 different connection points. The cross fittings are also used for the fire sprinkler system.


The coupling is used to prevent the leakage that occurs in pipes. There are two types of coupling compression coupling and slip coupling. The compression coupling is a normal coupling connected between two pipes and prevents the leakage arrangement. The other coupling is slip coupling; it has two pipes used to arrange one pipe into another. So we can fix the slip coupling for the lengthy damage in the pipe.


The union is a type of pipe fitting, which is similar to the coupling. You can remove the union where you need but in case of coupling once fixed cannot be removed. These are a similar difference. This will be useful in maintaining the pipe.

The bottom line

These are the types of pipe fitting, hope you understand about the cpvc pipe fittings. So, learn more about the cpvc pipes and choose a good type of pipe for your use.

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