The Role of Vacuum Trucks in Waste Management in Williams Lake, BC

Published On October 5, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Home improvement

Poor sanitation and the use of contaminated water are some of the major causes of deaths worldwide. However, a remarkable improvement has been made since the beginning of this century, with over 2 billion people gaining access to basic sanitation, such as flush toilets. Now comes the hard part for each one of us – we must dispose of our waste in a safe manner. Liquid and semi-liquid waste management will never be friendly to the environment without the help of a vacuum truck service. Cities and towns rely on garbage collection companies and local authorities to do their dirty work; however, they collect only what’s in your waste bin. The vacuum truck is the most reliable equipment when it comes to safe collection of liquid and semi-liquid waste.

Management of Waste Water

Waste water hauling in Williams Lake, BC is an integral part of waste management. Even though much of the domestic sewage is composed of organic substances, it’s still harmful to the environment and therefore must be disposed of accordingly. Untreated sewage carries tons and tons of contaminants, such as phosphorus and nitrogen into the natural water bodies like oceans, lakes, and rivers. It goes without saying that at a high concentration, sewage can definitely suck the life out of a pond or a lake. Even sewage that is discarded on dry land has the potential to seep into the ground and find its way into underground streams.

Liquid waste management is a key development intervention – without it, ill health dominates not only the life of aquatic creatures but also that of humans and animals. Why? Sewage contains decomposing organic materials that make it an ideal breeding ground for disease-carrying pathogens.

Vacuum Truck Service to the Rescue

A vacuum truck has a wide range of uses, such as septic tank cleaning, street cleanup, trench collapse rescue operations, oil spill cleanup, and catch basin and storm drain pumping. Instead of drain pipes that lead to streams and rivers, homes and commercial establishments may have a huge reinforced-concrete tank, better known as a septic tank. A vacuum truck owned by either the municipality or the company which offers water hauling in Williams Lake, BC can then come to remove the fluid that has accumulated in these septic tanks and transport it to a nearby treatment facility.

One of the advantages of hiring a vacuum truck service is that the container is usually large in size, so the likelihood of spillages while the truck is being driven to the treatment plant is significantly reduced. In addition, cleaning the septic tank using this truck requires very little human effort, so there is little risk of workers becoming contaminated. All the sewage is automatically sucked by the long hose inserted into the septic tank and connected to a powerful pump on the truck. The only thing that operators should do is to open the septic tank cover and drop the hose down into the tank. Though a bit expensive, some vacuum trucks also come with water tanks and reverse flow mechanisms to automatically clean the remaining debris as long as the size of the debris doesn’t exceed the internal diameter of the suction hose.

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