The Role of Social Media Marketing in Real Estate

Published On June 17, 2019 | By David Standridge | Real Estate

With the immense penetration of social media in our lives, it has become a tough entity to handle. It is hard to impress people through it because of the intense competition. This already tricky platform is even more of an issue for the real estate agents who cannot function without it anymore.

Through social media, it has become convenient to find Boise homes for sale or apartments in any other part of the country with a few clicks. Around 66% of the home buyers are millennials and 99% of them start their search of a perfect home with social media. Online real estate communities have greatly helped in escalating the buying and selling process in this sector.

Complete Engagement

The major difference between social media marketing and other traditional marketing tactics comes down to engagement. The social media websites provide an opportunity to interact with real people and actually be social. It is not just about broadcasting a potential home in front of them rather, allowing them to communicate with the seller.

Facebook has real estate related groups where buyers can find sellers and vice versa. The search function provided by Twitter can help you in finding relevant posts quite easily. Social media lets people comment with helpful advice and allows two-way interaction to make communication clearer.

Content Creation Strategy

Social media will allow you to provide information to the potential home buyers or let them know of the possible challenges which lie ahead. It is not limited to sales related content but you have the opportunity to educate the buyer or the seller. There is an exchange of important information which is beneficial for both the parties.

The key is to create such material which can develop and retain the interest of the client. If you are able to do so, there is no way that your sales will be affected adversely. Never overwhelm your followers with continuous ads and spamming as this will deviate them away from your page.

Driving Traffic

Whether you are blatantly promotional on social media or not, the ultimate goal is to drive traffic towards your own website or listing. This makes it very important to make it obvious to the people how to contact you or how to gain further information about a particular property.

Whether you are a real estate agent using social media to promote yourself or a buyer looking for the home of your dreams, social media has the potential to set you in the right direction. All you need to do is to observe a few futile strategies, the rest will fall itself into the right place.

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