The Pros and Cons of Hydrojet Plumbing

Published On January 31, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Safety & Security

When you have a clogged drain, it can disrupt your entire home life. Professional plumbers have a variety of methods for getting your drains clear and your life back to normal. And while there are pros and cons to each method, one of the best is hydrojet plumbing. Read on for more information.

What is hydrojet plumbing?

One method for cleaning out your drains is by using a hose and nozzle to spray water down the drain. The hose attaches to a machine that puts water under high pressure as it flows through the hose, and the nozzle allows your plumber to adjust control of the flow.

The water pressure, combined with strategic pushes with the nozzle, can effectively break up the most common drain clogs, which include build-ups of grease, oil, hair, and even minerals. The force of the water is so strong that it is capable of blasting through small tree roots.

What alternatives are there to hydrojet plumbing?

One alternative is the plumbing snake or auger, which is a flexible cable inside a tube. The end of the cable that goes down your drain has blades, and the other end has a crank. Turning the crank extends the snake until it reaches the clog, where it can either break through or grab the clog so it can be pulled out.

The other method of drain cleaning is to use chemicals. Most plumbers do not use or recommend this method, but many homeowners give commercial drain cleaners a try before calling a plumber.

What are the pros and cons of using a hydrojet?

Hydrojet plumbing has some enormous benefits over using the auger method or chemicals to clear a drain. However, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of.

Pros: Using water to clear your drains is a much safer method than using drain cleaner. With chemical drain cleaners, there is always a danger of fumes coming back up the pipes and endangering the user. The chemicals are also hard on your pipes, damaging to the environment, and bad for your septic system. None of this is an issue with water cleaning.

Water is also powerful enough to clear out clogs that drain snakes simply cannot deal with. This might include invasive tree roots, grease clogs that can’t be grabbed with an auger, or clogs that are so deep a snake or auger simply cannot reach them.

Cons: One downside to this method is that only professionals can use it. It is not a safe option for homeowners to try on their own: not because it might injure them in the same way that chemical cleaners do, but because the strength of the water pressure can easily damage older pipes.

If your pipes are old or cracked, hydrojet plumbing can break right through them. It is always important to do a drain camera inspection before using a hydrojet, especially if you know your plumbing is a bit older or more fragile.

When is the hydrojet the best method to use?

Using a chemical cleaner is never a good idea. It can harm people, the environment, and your pipes. Even if it works, it may just push the clog further down and create a bigger problem later.

A plumbing auger works just fine for small clogs. If your child has lost a toy down the drain and you know it’s there (especially if it is close to the drain entrance), an auger could be the fastest way to get it out. If your pipes are too old to handle the water pressure of a hydrojet, this would be another reason to use a plumbing snake.

But for most clogged drains, the hydrojet is the best choice. It is fast, environmentally friendly, and very effective. In the hands of an experienced plumber, a hydrojet is a safe tool that can break up the worst types of clogs.

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