The Natural Berber Rug from The Atlas Mountains

Published On June 1, 2019 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

Over the centuries, people have learned to adopt to many kinds of changing conditions. One area that is home to those who love nature and have learned to bend it to their will are the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These mountains have long been the home of skilled tribal people who know how to make the most of the natural resources they find all around them. One area of cherished crafts is that of rug making. These mountains are home to some of the world’s finest rug crafters. They grow sheep that yield the much admired and adored Beni Ourain rug. The Berber rug created in this part of the world has long been used by tribespeople for varied purposes. Today, consumers can enjoy these very wonderful rugs in their own homes.

Using Resources

The Atlas Mountains can get very cold at night. Temperatures can drop rapidly. Over time, residents have learned exactly how to cope with the cold weather in highly inventive ways. One such way is by making use of the stunning wool they grow here. Herds of hearty sheep are tended by the region’s tribespeople. Such sheep can survive with ease even in an area that might be cold and get little rain. In response to the cold weather, the sheep grow thick wool that helps protect them. Those who live here know how to take this wool and make rugs that are thick, beautiful and yet also help them keep the cold away from their own homes.

All-Natural Materials

Some rugs on the market use materials rarely found in nature. This is not true of the Berber rug. The only thing that buyers will find in a Beni Ourain rug is the use of all-natural materials only found in nature. Each rug is made only from the wool they have brought to life with the help of the sheep they watch grow. This kind of careful attention to detail is the kind of love that people know they are getting when they buy these rugs and use them in their own homes to great effect.

Everyone Can Admire

The rugs that are made here are rugs that all can appreciate and admire. Each rug is one that works well with any kind of style the person has in mind. A rug of this kind can be used in the living room to help remind people of a trip to Morocco. Those who may never have the chance to visit this wonderful part of the world can have something that shows off qualities such as devotion to craft that are adored across the globe. Each rug is one that is made by hand and thus marks out as unique from all other rugs found on the market. From the plush texture to the understated designs used, it’s one rug that everyone can bring home and use happily. A rug of this kind makes the ideal way to treat yourself to a wonderful, timeless classic. Visit for more information.

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