The Major Differences between Canopies and Awnings

Published On April 27, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

Many people now prefer to have an outdoor lifestyle. But if you want to enjoy your outdoor space to a full extent, you have to do something about protecting yourself from rainfall or extremely hot weather. The common solution for this is either installing a canopy or awnings in Perth. As they serve similar purposes, they are often confused with each other over the years. However, there are quite different from one another.

Canopies can be installed on its own with the use of posts to sustain its form while Awnings are a kind of covering that is fixed to the outer portion of a building. Awnings could be seen placed over the doors or windows, offering shade and shelter. You can also extend the area covered by the awnings by erecting columns. People often choose retractable awnings in Perth over the traditional fixed type as they can be used only when it is necessary and retracted back when not in use.

If you are confused on what to choose between canopies and awnings for your residence or business, consider the factors give below:

  • Appearance

The canopies need to be supported by a set of supporting posts that are fixed into the ground and could be difficult to remove. If you do not want them blocking your way, you would have to prepare your layout plan and choose the location of the canopies more carefully.  Retractable awnings in Perth on the other hand, don’t seem obstructive because they are mounted above the walls, windows or doors. They also come with diagonal reinforcing arms that hides the lateral arms of the awnings, making them appear more mingled with their surroundings.

  • Protection

Both awnings and canopies could protect you well from external elements but you have you have to make sure that they are made of high quality fabric and metal frame. iShade Awnings & Shade Systems offers External alfresco blinds that have specially designed enviroscreen to shield your space from elements such as heat, glare, UV rays, rain and wind.

  • Range of coverage

The Awnings could be extended only to a certain limit, which means you could use them to cover only smaller sized decks. Canopies however could be used to cover deck of any size or reach.

  • Installation

Though it is highly recommended to call a professional to install awnings, you could manage doing it on your own if you have adequate knowledge about carpentry. But canopies are too difficult to be installed by a beginner.

  • Cost

Canopies might be less costly than awnings. But keep in mind that they can only be fitted in houses that have the required space to accommodate canopies.

Hope this helps you to make a well-informed decision.

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