The Complete Solution to a Better Kitchen: a Makeover

Published On November 13, 2018 | By David Standridge | Featured

Has your kitchen become the room you love to hate? Feel the blood pressure rising every time you read the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of every home”? It’s no longer the first body part that comes to mind when you survey the state yours is in…

Can’t stand the kitchen? Time to put on the heat

There are plenty of excuses for putting off replacing your kitchen. Time, money, resources and the sheer disruption of it all, to name a few. Then there’s choosing what needs to be replaced. After all, this is the devil you know and radically changing the layout so that it works well may take several months’ more thought, but you definitely don’t want to wait any longer.

No need to wait

If you can relate to this, then now’s the time to consider a kitchen makeover. The really great news is that this is an easy way to transform your kitchen without busting a budget. It’s also much less wasteful than complete replacement, since you can often reuse the carcasses of the existing units but vamp them up with new doors and fittings. However, it can transform the look of your kitchen in such a way that it looks completely new. Win-win.

Keep what you love

What do you love, or at least like, about your current kitchen? Go on, there must be something? A kitchen makeover means that you can retain those features that you like. Here are some examples of makeovers that began with key pieces that the homeowners didn’t want to lose.

Work that space

Making the best use of space, particularly when it is limited, is an art form. This is where specialist advice counts. An expert eye can get the best from any space, using a combination of acquired design skill and the clever choice of kitchen components such as doors, drawers and shelves. Moving an essential element by a few centimetres may make a massive difference to the way the layout works for you.


As with all projects in life, keep the goal in mind, but also enjoy the process. Do you aim to have a snug, relaxed kitchen where friends and family gather for a cosy chat? Or a sleek and functional space that is clean and clutter-free? Keep your ideal image in mind and focus on it while working through your kitchen makeover. Remember, it’s about creating a kitchen where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. You should get an uplifted feeling every time you walk into it, not just the first time, but the five hundredth!

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