The Best  Places to Raise Your Family in New Jersey

Published On December 6, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Featured

New Jersey is known as a state of quiet suburbs and roaring roads. So if you want to raise a family there, where do you move? It can be a tough decision, but it’s one that many people around here make. With that in mind, here are three of the best places to raise a family in New Jersey.


Paterson is New Jersey’s third-most-populous city, with about 150,000 people, and it has a long history as a melting pot. The city has drawn immigrant groups from across the world since the 19th century. The downtown is known for its Beaux-Arts-style buildings and its train station. And Paterson, on New Jersey Transit’s Main Line, has a train connection to New York through Secaucus Station.

Thanks in part to its historic downtown, Paterson is no stranger to attention from Hollywood. The recent NBC drama The Enemy Within was filmed in Paterson, as well as Martin Scorsese’scritically acclaimed film The Irishman, which starred Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The director Jim Jarmusch set his buzzy 2016 film Paterson in the city, which starred Adam Driver as a New Jersey bus driver turned poet.

Besides all the movie buzz, Paterson also has access to great health care, both in the city itself and in the outlying communities. And when it comes to raising a family, perhaps this is more important. A search for doctors in surrounding communities yields, for example, a primary care physician in North Haledon, NJ.


Morristown is located in Morris County, New Jersey, and it’s famous for its historical sites from the Revolutionary War. These include the Morristown National Historical Park, which comprises four sites that were important during the Revolutionary War. These sites, Jockey Hollow, the Ford Mansion, Fort Nonsense, and the New Jersey Brigade Encampment site, are the sites of forts and earthworks that you can still see today. To learn all of this in person, you can go visit the Washington Headquarters Museum located at the Ford Mansion, which was George Washington’s headquarters during the winterof 1779-1780.

The Morristown Green includes both Civil and Revolutionary War monuments, and even a monument to “Buddy”, the first seeing-eye dog. However, these historic sites aren’t the only things which give Morristown its charm. The city has a high quality of life too. When it comes to raising your family, Morristown’s public schools rank in the top 20 percentile of schools statewide. If you need to find a doctor or a dentist in Morristown, NJ, you will find a plethora of highly qualified professionals. And living in Morristown is an easy trip to several top-flight shopping destinations: whether that’s the Mall at Short Hills, or an award winning VW dealership.


Dover is another town in Morris County, with a population of roughly 18,000 people. The city was founded in 1713 and has a long history as a site of iron mining. Thanks to its diversity, including a bustling Hispanic community, the downtown area is loaded with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

Dover is also a great place to buy a home. Dover has a median home price of about $260,000, which is nearly $70,000 less than the state average. If you need home repairs, an easy search will return you a northern New Jersey roofing contractor, for example, and the city is the home of the Housing Partnership, a nonprofit devoted to providing financial education and homeownership classes, as wellas affordable housing expertise.

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