The Benefits of a Practical Completion Report for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Published On August 4, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Featured

When we need building work done to our homes we usually call in who we believe to be the experts. But what if the standard of work carried out is unsatisfactory? We’ve all heard the countless stories of rouge traders and cowboy builders who take advantage of vulnerable homeowners or those without the necessary knowledge to raise objections.

Luckily, practical completion surveys are a way to independently verify whether your contractor has done what they were supposed to. If you might find yourself in need of these services, read on to learn more.

Inspecting Home Renovations

When we procure building work, we place a great deal of faith into the people we hire. We rely on their knowledge to complete the job asked of them to the highest quality and for a fair price.

Whenever you enter into a contract with a builder, we would always suggest that requests for complete payment up front are denied. Paying the total cost of the contract up front leaves you with no recourse if the builder doesn’t finish the job or their workmanship is to a poor standard.

Instead, we would suggest payments to be made in stages or at various agreed milestones.

Once the work has been completed, get in touch with a building inspector to assess the overall quality of the renovation. Practical completion building inspections in Perth can be arranged through several surveying companies who have expertise in this field. Your report will detail any areas for concern which you should use as a guide for the final payment of your contractor.

Inspecting New Builds

Practical completion inspections are also available and recommended for houses that you’ve just had built. The relevant building regulations will need to have been complied with to pass the Australian Standards inspection but this will never take into account the quality of any fixtures and fittings.

A new build practical completion inspection will involve;

  • Checking the quality of workmanship for every aspect of the build. This will include not only the structure of the property but every detail of the fit out.
  • The fit out is where contractors sometimes cut corners on quality which can be seen in cabinets and units which don’t sit flush, drawers which don’t open and close properly and misaligned counter tops.
  • If you’re not aware of how these components are supposed to look or don’t have the confidence to bring it up with your builder, going in armed with a third party report will make rectifying these issues much more straightforward.

Once you’re happy that everything is in order, you will be able to pay your builder any outstanding balances, take possession of your property and move in as soon as it is ready.

Hire a Professional Building Inspector

We really can’t stress enough how valuable having an independent, qualified third party acting on your behalf is to the overall home construction and renovation process. Hiring a builder doesn’t have to be daunting with the right expertise and support on hand.

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