The Advantages Of Plantation Shutters

Published On May 10, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home improvement

When decorating your home, it’s essential to think of adding value to it while beautifying it. Window dressings are one way to enhance the home, but they also do more than that. For example, they can provide numerous benefits such as reducing heat loss. So, are plantation shutters worth it? Many claim that they have multiple advantages.

For one thing, plantation shutters are actually built-in window treatments, so they become a part of the home. Therefore, if a homeowner is considering selling the house, this would actually be an architectural feature that would remain in the home. Automatically, buyers can see that the shutters add to beauty and value to the property. In addition to that, they can reduce heat loss and thus reduce energy bills. Moreover, they can keep the home cooler in summertime by keeping the sun’s rays at bay. Not only does this also reduce energy consumption, but it can also save furniture, flooring, and carpeting from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, when asking the question “are plantation shutters worth it?” can see there are many benefits attached to them.

While one may believe that they are too expensive, if they do the math, they will see that this is an investment in the property that will pay itself off in no time from reducing energy consumption to saving money due to avoiding damage on furniture. Those are just a few of the financial benefits that come with plantation shutters, but there are more.

Shutters can be installed inside a window box, which quickly make an interior design statement. They can be left as is or further treated with drapes to soften the look. However, many do appreciate the beauty attached to plantation shutters and leave them exposed purposely. It’s also important to note these window treatments are not like other shades or blinds, as they are not able to be raised or lowered. Instead, they are affixed to the frame, and the only way to control light filtering in is by tilting the horizontal slats. The more they are placed in the horizontal position, the more light flows in.

By the same token, tilting the horizontal slats into a closed position provides 100% privacy so no one from the outdoors can see inside. This would also give the opportunity to darken the room, which makes for perfect sleeping conditions.

These window treatments are custom made. Precise measurements are required in order to design plantation shutters to fit perfectly within the window frame. No matter what shape your window or doorway is, whether it is round or arched, these shutters can be designed to fit right in. Homeowners also have the opportunity to choose the materials from which the shutters are made. Many consumers believe that plantation shutters are only made of hardwood, but that is not the case. In fact, they are made of various materials, including composite wood, vinyl, and even aluminum. Aluminum shutters can also be powder coated to produce an industrial look, and done so in any color you desire. So, you can get a custom fit even when it comes to your design scheme.

If you’re still not sold on plantation shutters, you should also know that they come with other advantageous benefits. Plantation shutters can actually insulate the room from noise in addition to controlling the airflow. Another is that they are easy to maintain. These low maintenance window coverings only require wiping or dusting on occasion. Furthermore, consumers can expect this architectural feature to stay in style forever, and that’s a good thing because plantation shutters have a very long lifespan.

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