The 7 Types of Popular Vacuum Cleaners

Published On February 12, 2019 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

Today’s market place has hundreds if not thousands of makes and models to choose from. At times, it gets very challenging and confusing to pick the right or the perfect vacuum to fill in your needs. Most consumers at the end choose a low priced vacuum cleaner thinking that’s the best approach and the easy way out.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and its stands true for vacuum cleaners. However, I will do my best to take out of that group of purchasers by providing a genuine vacuum cleaner overviews going over pros and cons.

Following are the popular types of vacuum cleaners that you will found in the market today.

  1. Upright Vacuums

Upright Vacuum by all major brands all offer the same features and benefits. These vacuums tend to have a build in bag, motor, and a beater all in one unit. All upright vacuums come with wheels that help moving effortlessly around your house. The price range from $100 to 500 dollars for these types of cleaners.

If you have large carpet rooms or/and hardwood flooring, then upright vacuum is for you. However, upright vacuums tend to have some difficulties vacuuming stairs and tight spots like closets. I suggest to go with a mid range price when buying in the hundreds with some warranty.

  1. Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners are by far the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, hard surfaces, and large curtains and if you have a lot of build in steps. Comparing this type of vacuum to the upright vacuum both is somehow similar, but canister vacuum tend to have a more powerful motor to clean hardwood floor debris.

One of the major benefits of these type of vacuums is that are build with people that have allergies in mind. The way they work is very special.

Short explanation, canister vacuum comes as a bagless vacuum that picks debris and evaporate dust from the air using special filters called HEPA filters. This is the best choice to by when you have a member of your family that have allergies.

  1. Stick Vacuums

If you are energy conservative then the stick vacuum is for you. This vacuum comes with a very small motor making it the most energy efficient vacuum out there. This is the type of vacuum you will want to buy when you have large hard surfaces. Eureka, Dirt Devil and other makes do have a large selection to choose from with affordable prices.

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Stick vacuums come as a bagless vacuum with a build in cup to collect dust and debris that you will need to empty once in a while. It’s strength shines vacuuming hard surfaces, hard to reach spots, stairs, and closets. To recap, the lightweight stick vacs are energy saver with an easy maneuverable design.

  1. Handheld Vacuums

This is the type of vacuum that you want to use when you are dealing with very small surface with small debris to clean. Handheld vacuum for cars are the most used. Its rally handy to have one for your house too performing a quick clean never hurts. You can use it to clean the stairs and car interior pretty effective. The price also cheaper compare to other types of cleaners.

  1. Robotic Cleaners

Well, now we enter into the future of vacuums as the name says it all, robotic vacuum cleaners. These kind of vacuums just started entering the market so proceed with caution here. A lot of testing and product development still taking place to outperform traditional vacuum we covered so far.

All robotic cleaners come with a build in sensor that help guide the vacuum navigating an area. Yes. The manual labor is been taken away as this is a hands free vacuum, but don’t be fooled by it. You still have to guide the robotic vacuum into places that you would like to clean. This is a good idea that maybe gone wrong.

I personally like having control of my own vacuuming destiny and robotic cleaners are a technology that will need years of thorough product development to reach other vacuums performance. In other words, save your money.

  1. Bagless Vacuums

For many people, one of the favorite vacuum cleaners is the bagless models. The main reason people like this types of cleaners is that you don’t have to buy the bag (save cost). They other benefit is that you get to see while you vacuum all the dirt and dust getting picked up latterly in a vacuum fashion.

With that said, the bagless vacuum take dealing with emptying bags of dust and dirt away making cleaning less of a hustle. Nonetheless, you may have to periodically empty dirt cups to keep your vacuum performing at it highest capacity.

  1. Central Installed Vacuums

Well, this is maybe to most expensive vacuum system out there. Basically, if you are tired of manually vacuuming your house and/or offices then central installed vacuums are build for you with some cost and installation that needs to be put in place to fully take advantage.

They’re very powerful, self cleaning capturing small particles, central and you get to vent all the debris outside through a build in hose. Here are some of the makes and models to consider when looking into central installed vacuums, Imperium central vacuum, Kenmore or a Beam centralized cleaning system.

Now to the cost, the price range starts around $800 and they could go up to $1500. Not cheap, but think about all the time you be saving with a push of a button.

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