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One of the major reasons why teak furniture Indonesia is highly priced and valued is because of the quality – not only in design but also in the structure and texture of the wood itself. Of course, there is a natural richness about teak that makes it different from the others, but what is it?

The Natural Contents

You see, all trees have their own natural rubber and oils that are meant to protect the tree. The problem is, once you cut the trees, the quality of the oil and rubber will significantly diminish. Their contents won’t be the same anymore – in some cases, the trees will lose the rubber and oil. But not so with the teak. Although you have cut down the trees, be sure that the natural rubber and oil will remain intact, and it leads to the impressive water resistant quality. You will have to dry the log first – up to the proper and correct moisture level (generally around 10% of the content) – and the natural rubber and oil will preserve it for many years to come. If you combine it with the natural ability of the craftsmen, it is no wonder if the teak furniture Indonesia has a higher value.

The major benefits of the teak furniture are:

·         The natural oil and rubber will provide natural weatherproof ability to the wood, making it ideal as the outdoor furniture

·         The natural contents will also protect the wood from parasites or fungi

·         The natural sealant will deliver natural richness and uniqueness of the colors

·         With proper care, the furniture can last for quite a long time – even for good. If you want to preserve the natural dark brown color, you only need to apply sealant that would protect the color

Be sure that you will only enjoy the natural benefits of Indonesian furniture especially furniture made from teak wood – not to mention to enjoy the artistic natural appeal.

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