Taking the Fabric Spray Paint to the Great Outdoors

Published On October 6, 2017 | By David Standridge | Featured

Outdoor furniture takes a beating almost all year long, depending on where you live. Just about the time it gets comfortable to you, the cushions start fading, which makes your outdoor furniture look less appealing. If you could only find some fabric spray paint to make it look like new again. Maybe you didn’t know that you can use outdoor fabric spray paint on your outdoor furniture and other outdoor fabric/canvas items.

Even if you find some amazing used outdoor furniture at a yard sale or thrift store, you can use fabric paint to restore these old beauties to their former glory, or maybe better. You can even change the color if you use a color that is darker than the original.

Stencils will allow you to create your favorite patterns and designs on your outdoor furniture. You can get as creative as you want to with fabric spray paint on your outdoor furniture. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Outdoor table umbrellas

Outdoor table umbrellas aren’t just for decoration. They provide some shelter from the sun on hot days and in mild rainstorms. These can be functional for many years, but not without the risk of fading on the fabric. That’s where fabric paint comes to the rescue and allows you to spray your way to a new-looking table umbrella.

Outdoor seat cushions

Outdoor seating can include an outdoor sofa, loveseat, chairs, loungers, pit groups, sectionals, and dining chairs. It doesn’t matter if the cushions are older and faded or if you found a great used piece that you fell in love with because you can restore them with fabric spray paint.

Why use fabric spray paint?

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Reupholstering your outdoor furniture is tedious, time-consuming, and costly. Conventional fabric paint is messy, chalky, and requires the use of a brush. Fabric spray paint sprays on and stays on for a long time.

Outdoor fabric spray is the least expensive way to restore your outdoor fabric items. It’s also the least time-consuming and tedious.

What should you consider when choosing an outdoor fabric spray paint?

Choosing the right outdoor fabric paint to spray paint your outdoor furniture and umbrella requires knowing what makes a quality product. These are the traits to look for:

  • Fast-drying in 30 minutes
  • Waterproof
  • Permanent after 72 hours
  • Won’t rub off on your clothes
  • Won’t peel or crack
  • It feels like vinyl when it dries
  • Provides UV protection to reduce fading
  • Easy to wash off your skin

I recommend https://www.fabricspray.co.uk/

How to use outdoor fabric spray paint

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Prepare the area where you plan to spray on the paint. Whether you have a large garage area to paint in or plan to paint out on your lawn, you should still put down drop clothes to catch overspray. It will protect your garage floor or lawn from being painted. Next, tape any areas of the item that are not covered with fabric if applicable.

The goal is to slowly and spray light and even coats because the fabric paint needs time to soak into the material to achieve the maximum effect. If the outdoor umbrella or cushions have a pattern or texture on them already, that won’t be covered up, but it will be painted well and will be restored.

The intended uses for fabric spray paint

Outdoor fabric spray paint can be used on other outdoor fabrics such as Bimini boat tops, canopy tents, and porch awnings. It’s not intended for seating that is constantly exposed to the sun because when this paint heats up, it feels sticky. However, if your outdoor furniture is under cover, on a patio, or put away when not in use, outdoor fabric spray paint is perfect for your outdoor furnishings.

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