Swimming Pool Landscaping

Published On May 1, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home improvement

When designing the look and structure around a swimming pool area, bear in mind the components which will impact atmosphere, design and accessibility. With creative landscaping, a swimming pool can be not only an operating body of water – it may be a relaxing sanctuary for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some great options for efficient swimming pool landscaping which integrates charm, privacy and functionality:

Preparing Your Pool for Remodeling

A relatively brand new pool will not require patching up yet, if your swimming pool is slightly older, say at least seven years old, take into consideration patching it up to get it all set for landscaping. A common remedy which will work wonders is a pool replaster. You can do it alone or employ professional contractors in your area, and it’ll take roughly three to four days to complete with respect to the dimensions of your swimming pool and the number of workers, however it can transform an older swimming pool into an attractive, relaxing area.

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Developing a Private Area

Make your personal demands and preferences a priority. If privacy is an issue, take into account including things such as plants and flowers, bushes and trees into the landscaping design. Plants and trees provide a natural exposure plus a fulfilling ambience. Note, however, that this alternative works for sunny, warm places in which the added shade is allowed. Trees and indoor plants also require regular care, so it is a great idea to take into account your selection of species carefully.

Handling the Surroundings

If your swimming pool is positioned at a slope, take into account constructing a retaining wall to keep back the ground and facilitate drainage in time of strong down pours. But simply because retaining walls have a functional use does not mean they can’t be decorative as well. Consider design and style, structure and materials in swimming pool landscaping. A mix of these will help produce a feature within the swimming pool that’s both practical and great looking simultaneously.


Incorporating swimming pool decks may help put a security feature to a pool area. A patio will give a trusted, slip-resistant area that’s especially beneficial in preventing slips and falls. Utilize hard items such as solid wood or brick because these provide adequate traction for bare, wet feet.

Planning for fencing is as well crucial in maintaining the area secure. Swimming pool landscaping layouts can be drafted very carefully to ensure that security features such as lighting fixtures and fences are mounted. Lamps provide illumination in the evening and can also be used to create excitement, particularly for exhibiting the most amazing corners in the place. Fences are likewise essential specifically in houses where there are young children and animals. Some great options for fencing include solid wood, metal and recycled items.

Additional features

If expense is not a problem, take into account placing features such as water fountains and falls. These types of options can create an amazing center point to any swimming pool.

Water fountains also have 2-fold benefits  – they put a textural, visible and aural attraction to the spot and help aerate the water simultaneously. Although a filtering feature may already be in place, the additional luxury of having water crash and sparkle down while creating swishing, tinkling noises is merely irresistible.


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