State of the Art Appliances for your Kitchen Design Needs

Published On July 24, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Home Decor

In event of you looking forward to adding luxury to your kitchen, the best mode would be to install innovative appliances. These appliances would help you largely. The appliances would range from sleek to providing you with minimal aesthetics. However, innovation has not been limited to modern property homeowners. You would be able to make the most of luxury in your kitchen. Harvey Jones, the specialist in Shaker kitchens has been offering you with state of the art kitchen additions. These would make your kitchen stand out from the others.

Coffee machines

Do you think of rivaling the baristas with your own variety of coffee machine? You should be rest assured that coffee machine is a necessity for people requiring caffeine to kick start their day. You would come across several latest models offering touch screen and Bluetooth features in the coffee machine. The coffee machines would come easily within your budget, unless you were searching for specific machine having state of the art features. It would cost you approximately £15,000.

Wine Coolers

If you were a wine collector or look forward to throwing a party, wine coolers would be imperative for your kitchen needs. The state of the art wine coolers come equipped with UV resistant doors and humidity control features. It would also come with different compartments to help you cool red and white wine at different temperatures. The expensive wine coolers would range from £800 to £3000, but one without extensive features would be available for £100.

Hot water taps

Are you looking for instant hot water for quick coffee or tea making? You should consider hot water taps for your kitchen designs. The price would depend on several aspects such as design, tank and finish along with any accessory you wish to add in it.


You would be spoilt for choices in refrigerators. It would come in several models such as standalone fridge and freezer or built-in models. It would cost you roughly £1,000 to £3,000.

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