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How to clean marble counter top

“Nothing moves like marble,” says Stephanie Laney, lead designer for Surfaces USA.

“We love the movement.” However, “love what we not” is the concern that arises with cleaning and caring for the popular, porous surface famously susceptible to etching and staining, especially in the kitchen counters.

Etching on a marble  kitchen counter top surface results when something acidic like lemon juice, alcohol or tomato sauce is splashed, smeared, dripped or spilled onto it. If it is not wiped up just then, the acid reacts and corrodes away at the calcium carbonate in the stone, creating permanent markings that looks like dull, slightly darker spots or rings on the marble. Light hitting the marble countertop produces diffused reflection and determines how noticeable the etching is. In certain incident light, the scarring will not be evident at all, while certain lighting will reveal the dull areas.

The most popular marble finishes are polished and honed. A polished finish has a glossy surface, reflects light and shows off the color and markings in the marble.

A honed finish is more satiny and smoother, with small light reflection, according to the Marble Institute. This finish is common for floors, stairs and other heavily trafficked locations.

When you buy a honed piece of marble, it’s already etched. Let’s say we cut a lemon and cause some etching on the surface. We will never see it, because it is already etched. Conclusion: Honed marble is more porous and will stain more easily. “A polished piece of marble will stain less but etch more.

The most common way to decide whether a household can happily live with the reality of marble fittings is that Many consumers visit, bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants and other public venues that use marble countertops to check out what a working marble countertop looks like.

Luckily, according to marble experts, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and caring for the classic beauty of a marble surface may be easier than you think.

Here’s how to clean marble countertop.

Kitchen islands topped with marble are usually the No. 1 place you will notice etching. It’s in the center of the kitchen, and it catches the light.

How to clean marble counter topand precautions



To reduce stains and etching, Laney recommends applying a spray sealant at least once a month. Sealers are like buying time. What it does is it seals the top of the marble countertop so things won’t penetrate


If you were to spill red wine on a countertop and leave it overnight, you will have a stain, no matter what. However, if you wipe it up instead of leaving it sit, the sealant provides a barrier. It allows us time to clean our stains before they penetrate into the surface and actually stain it.”

users who uses a cleaner twice a month on their marble countertop are of the opinion that they don’t have one stain on their marble countertop, they have etching, but don’t have stains.

How to clean marble counter top for Stains and Solutions

Not all of us are as fortunate as Laney, however. Despite our best intentions, sometimes stains happen.

The Marble Institute offers the following solutions for common problems of kitchen countertops.

How to clean marble counter top for Oil-based stains (grease,

cooking oil, cosmetics): Clean the kitchen countertop gently with a soft liquid cleanser, household detergent, ammonia or mineral spirits.

How to clean marble counter top for Organic stains (coffee, tea,

fruit, food): Clean the kitchen counter top with a mixture of 12 percent hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

How to clean marble counter top for Rust stains (from metals):

These stains from the kitchen countertop must be removed with a poultice (see below) and are very difficult to remove. In fact, they may be permanent on the kitchen countertop.

How to clean marble counter top for Paint stains: Lesser amounts

can be removed with lacquer thinner or scraped off carefully with a razor blade. Be careful while doing so because it might etch your countertop further.

How to clean marble counter top for Smoke stains: Kitchen

countertops can be cleaned with commercial smoke removal products are available.

How to clean marble counter top for Water spots and

rings: Buff with dry steel wool. Do not do it roughly as it might further etch your countertop.


How to clean marble counter top for stubborn stains


Measure 1 cup of diatomaceous earth, (Mud from water bodies), plaster, powdered white chalk or talcum powder. Keep adding water to the powder with constant stirring, until the poultice paste is in the consistency of cake frosting (light and fluffy).

1.Wet the stained area with water, and spread a thick layer of poultice paste covering the stains.

2.Cover each stain with plastic wrap, and tape all the way around the edge with masking tape.

3.Leave the poultice on until dry, approximately 24 to 48 hours.

4.Remove the plastic wrap and wipe the poultice away with a wet cloth or sponge.

5.Apply a commercial stone sealant such as (Mseal white) for marble according to the package directions.

Hope you find all the solutions of How to clean marble countertops . These are tested and tried results for cleaning marble counter tops and these methods would make cleaning your countertops a cakewalk.

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