Some Tips to Sell House in Winter Days

Published On December 19, 2017 | By admin | Real Estate

Winter gives us lots to look forward, big coats, winter walks and all the festivities that you can shake a stick it. Apart from the sub-zero temperatures, the only other thing we don’t like about winter is the slow property market. But what can you do to give your property the edge if you NEED to sell over the winter period?

Well, here at Home House Buyers we have some sure-fire tips if you are looking to sell house fast over the winter months.

  1. Warm your cockles – Nobody likes a cold house, well not us anyway. With temperatures dropping to freezing try and get your house to a warm temperature, making any potential buyers comfortable.
  2. Clean Carpets – Over the winter months, the rain can bring more dirt into our homes. It’s always a good idea to invest in getting a local carpet cleaner round to give the carpets a new lease of life. Its a cheap alternative to relaying carpet throughout the house.
  3. Avoid Christmas/evening viewings – As much as your Christmas decorations may look like something out of home alone, we always advise to avoid appointments whilst you have your decorations up. It can make your house look cluttered and you can lose the sense of space. As we all know the sun sets far too early in winter and its never a good idea to show off your amazing garden in the pitch dark. So advise the agent for daytime appointments only.
  4. Winter Bedding – Set the mood in the bedrooms. In winter it’s always good to lower the tone and by that we mean opt for darker colors. Dark greys, browns and faux fur throws help to set a winter theme.
  5. Price is key– According to Scott from Home House Buyers “If you are wanting to sell fast then you may have to price is to sell.“ The best way to get people through the door is for your property to be priced competitively. This will give you an edge over your neighbors and may help you to sell that bit faster.
  6. Avoid scents – As much as we all like a good plugin and scented candle these are a No No. The aim is to try and please everyone. We here are huge fans of a winter spiced plugin, however, for some it’s the world smell in the world. Alongside that, some people are allergic so prob best to keep it neutral.
  7. Winter treats – Who doesn’t love a mince pie a Christmas? We do! A few festive treats left out could get potential buyers after all mines pies aren’t just for Santa.
  8. De-clutter – Always try and give your property the best sense of space. Moving those boxes of DVDs and CDs into the attic or cellar will help again to give a good sense of space. If you are really struggling to give your property space then try some mirrors on the walls.
  9. Snagging – Come winter or summer you should always keep on top of your snagging. Stop procrastinating and get all of those odd jobs done. In our experience of selling houses, we have found that people become concerned when the snagging hasn’t been done due to the fact that there may be bigger problems. Leave nothing to chance and get your snagging done.
  10. Get rid of out of season furniture – We all love to sit under the parasol on a warm summers day. However, left in the garden over winter they can look unsightly. So pack up the chairs and tables and put them into storage until spring. This will help to give your garden a better sense of space and look less cluttered.


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