Six Important Things You Should Know About R20 Refrigerant

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AZ 20 is the trade name for Puron or R410A refrigerant. This refrigerant is commonly known as R20. In fact, R20 is a chemical that is used to create refrigerated air in your home or commercial space. Unlike the popular R22 refrigerant, R20 or AZ20 is eco-friendly and comes with a host of other advantages. That is why you should consider switching your HVAC system to use R20 instead of R22. On the other hand, R22 is currently being phased out due to the damage it does to the ozone layer of the planet.

Freon or R22 is the most commonly used refrigerant in refrigeration and HVAC equipment. That is due to the energy efficiency of the substance. But R22 was found to be damaging to the environment in the early 1980s. The substance damages the ozone layer of the planet. The Environment Protection Authority or EPA decided to phase out the refrigerant in several stages. The final stage of the phasing out is scheduled to begin in January 2020. Once the final stage is implemented, R22 won’t be available on the market even for serving the existing units. That is why you should consider switching to an eco-friendly refrigerant such as R20 or R410A. Here are six important things that you should know about R20 refrigerant.

  1. 1. In fact, R20 was introduced to the industry in 1996 when there were global concerns about the safety of R22 or Freon. Since then, millions of American citizens have been using R20 or R410A in their homes and commercial establishments. That is due to the many advantages of the substance. The substance is still used in many American homes without any problems to the environment or the HVAC units. That is why you should think of shifting to R20 in case you still depend on R22 for your HVAC systems. If not, you would be facing a big problem when the latter is completely banned in January 2020. The earlier you shift to an eco-friendly refrigerant, the better for your HVAC unit as well as the environment. On the other hand, R410A is much cheaper compared to R22.

  1. 2. In fact, R22 has a restrictive supply at the moment. The substance is manufactured in limited quantities to service the existing HVAC units in the country. The suppliers who have stocked the substance are charging quite high prices for a pound of R22. The current wholesale rate of a pound of R22 is approximately $40. It is supposed to increase even further with the deadline closing up. But R410A is still around $13-15 per wholesale pound. That is why you should plan to replace your existing R22 HVAC systems with R410A without delay.

  1. 3. R410A is non-flammable and non-corrosive. When your HVAC system is working hard, there is a possibility of a flammable hazard. In fact, Puron is considered a non-flammable by its very chemical structure. R22 is corrosive and could damage your HVAC unit due to refrigerant leaks. But R2 0 refrigerant – Bluon Energy is non-corrosive. Hence, you don’t have to worry about damages to the HVAC system when you shift to R20. Your system will work for a much longer time with its improved lifespan due to the non-corrosive qualities of R20 or R410A. In fact, switching to R20 is the best thing you can do in order to prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system.

  1. 4. R20 is considered the least toxic refrigerant out of all the alternative refrigerants on the market today. In fact, R22 releases certain toxic chemicals into the air while it cools your HVAC system. Hence, you shouldn’t touch the HVAC system when it is in operation unless you wear gloves. Puron is 100% safe and non-toxic. Hence, you and your family will be protected when you switch to R20 instead of R22. That is why you should be making the shift without further delay. It will help protect you and your loved ones from toxic chemicals.

  1. 5. R410A thrives in a high-pressure environment. Hence, it will deliver maximum refrigeration results quickly. Due to the heat transfer properties of R20, it is considered one of the efficient in high-pressure HVAC systems. That way you can depend on your HVAC system to cool your home quickly when there are intense heat waves in the area. On the other hand, HVAC units that use Puron are much quieter in operation compared to the units that use R22. You may barely tell the air conditioner is on when your system uses R20. Since R20 operates in high-pressure environments than other refrigerants, it will coll your space much quickly. This will help save on your energy bills over time. That is why the majority of homeowners in the country are shifting to R20 instead of R22. In fact, you should be making the shift right now in order to get the maximum benefits of this alternative refrigerant.

  1. 6. The installation cost of R20 units is quite inexpensive compared to most of the other systems on the market. You can easily do the installation by yourself if you can follow simple instructions by the manufacturer. If not, you can always hire a professional HVAC technician for the job. However you plan to do the installation, you are able to do it at a much lower cost compared to installing any other HVAC system in your home or office. That is why you should be shifting to this alternative refrigerant right now in order to save money on installation costs.

If you are still using R22 in your HVAC system, you should consider shifting to a more eco-friendly version of refrigerants such as R410A or R20. It is one of the most popular alternative refrigerants on the market today. R22 is being phased out on stage by stage basis. In fact, the final phasing out is scheduled for January 2020. You won’t be able to use R22 after that date. That is why you should be shifting to a more eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative such as R20 or R410a.

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