Simple Tips to Secure Yourself from the Cold

Published On October 15, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Featured

Cold, icy wind and snow can be deleterious to your health. The extreme cold can lead to an aggravation of pre-existing diseases, in particular, cardiovascular and equally respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, asthma). By causing hypothermia and frostbite, cold weather can increase mortality. They also promote carbon monoxide contaminate in the presence of defective heating. Counseling your doctor and pharmacist can be helpful for individuals who are frail and those around them, advises the health authorities.

In Practice, how to Dress

Covering yourself is obviously important, it is better to provide several layers, rather than just one big sweater, the layer of air between each garment plays the duty of an insulator. Tight clothes that cut blood circulation are to be avoided, choose your clothes carefully, with an outer layer impervious to wind and water. To preserve the extremities (hands, feet) that cool faster, and to protect against frostbite, it is necessary to bring gloves and shoes, preferably with anti-slip soles to avoid falls. Do not forget to cover your head (bonnet, hood), part of the body through which can occur up to 30% of heat loss. The muffler can complete the panoply. Never fail to consult a commercial roofing company for any damages caused on the roof by wind or heavy rainfall.

What are the Individual Factors that Limit the Body’s Capability to Regulate its Temperature?

It is likely to withstand even more cold weather when suffering from one medical problem or another. These may encompass heart or breathing problems (including asthma), hypothyroidism, neuropsychiatric diseases, respiratory infections or disability such as paralysis. Winter epidemics (influenza, gastroenteritis favoring dehydration) and alcohol can aggravate the situation. Very young children (0 to 2 years old) are vulnerable to cold because they lose their body heat more easily than adults, and the latter because of a slower metabolism, a lower physical pursuit, and insufficient nutrition or hydration.

What other Common-sense Measures Protect against the Cold?

To confront the cold, it is advisable to keep a balanced diet, to drink a lot of water, of fresh fruit juice, herbal teas, and not of alcohol which brings only a deceptive and ephemeral sensation of warming. In cold pressure, there is indeed a tendency towards dehydration, to which the heating of the apartments contributes. A good breakfast, fruit (citrus), cereal, is recommended before facing the cold, especially for children. Before proceeding on a journey, you must find out about transport conditions and the weather. It may be convenient to pack blankets (including survival blankets), drinks (thermos), food and a loaded cell phone, if necessary, go with your medication.

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