Signs That You Require Gas Boiler Repair or Replacement

Published On July 5, 2018 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

The average service life for a boiler is between 10 and 15 years. The closer the appliance gets to this age range, the more likely you are to experience changes in its performance. Detecting these changes helps you identify the need for repair and possibly avoid the need to install a new boiler.

You Do Not Have Hot Water

If you do not have hot water or if the hot water does not last long, you may require boiler repair. There are quite a few potential causes of this issue. A lack of hot water can be caused by problems with the water pressure, a broken component, or a bigger issue. Hot water problems may also be a sign that your boiler is aging and becoming less efficient.

The Boiler Produces Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your boiler may indicate that something is not working properly. As parts begin to wear, other components may need to work harder, producing strange noises or banging sounds. You may also hear strange sounds when you use hot water in the sink or washing machine.

Besides strange noises, you may detect odd smells. Boilers should not produce any odours. If you smell anything coming from the boiler, get it inspected immediately to rule out the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak.

You Detect Leaks Near the Boiler

A leaking boiler should be dealt with quickly to prevent potentially dangerous situations. If the boiler is leaking gas, you need immediate assistance and should request emergency repairs. If the boiler is leaking water, parts may be corroded or loose.

Your Energy Bills Start to Increase

Along with the other signs, you may also notice an increase in your energy bill. Leakage and inefficiency both lead to extra costs. Water leaks waste water while an inefficient boiler will waste energy to heat your home and water.

Allow an Expert to Examine Your Appliance

When gas boilers in Sheffield stop functioning properly, it is important to deal with the problem quickly. Allow an expert to examine your appliance and perform standard maintenance. Experienced technicians can find the cause of the problem and advise you in choosing between repair and replacement.

Replacement may be recommended if your boiler is over a decade old or if you require frequent repairs. Technicians may have difficulty finding replacement parts for older models, which can increase the cost of repairs. If you require repairs frequently, the boiler may be at the end of its life.

You may depend on your gas boiler for hot water and home heating. When this appliance begins to fail, it is common to experience an increase in your utility bills. Pay attention to the signs that you require boiler repair to keep your home heated.

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