Shootout Emergency Training: Psychology of Active Shooter

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An active killer or active shooter is the name of a person who decides to conduct mass murder in public areas without a prior strategy, but with the idea to kill everyone on sight.

It is an individual engaging in killing people in a populated area, which means that they do not have a pattern when it comes to the selection of their victims.

Remember that most incidents tend to happen at locations that feature plenty of people. Places are soft targets, which means that they feature low-security measures to protect people around them.

In most cases, the shooter will finish the killing spree with suicide, or he/she will surrender when a confrontation with law enforcement becomes unavoidable. These events tend to last up to 15 minutes, and more than 50% of them ended by application of force by security or police.

If we are checking the police training manuals, the response for an active shooting scenario is much different than barricaded suspect situations and hostage rescue. They have to respond to an armed barricaded suspect to contain him with a limited perimeter.

They will also gain information about the current situation, start with negotiation, and finally wait for specialist teams to save the day.

However, if they believe that gunman wants to kill as many people as possible before shooting himself, they will have to start with rapid deployment and immediate action.

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Tactical Understanding

Have in mind that in most cases, real active shooters will not negotiate, and their main goal is to kill as many people as they gain. There are numerous reasons for doing it, and in most situations, it is due to notoriety or some ideology.

They do not wait for law enforcement officers to show up and have no problems attacking them if they have a chance. It is common for officers to be injured or killed during these shootouts, which means that the confrontation is unavoidable.

According to statistical analysis, the best strategy that you can employ along the way includes aggressive action. For officers, the imperative when it comes to tactics is to engage the killer, respond promptly, and kill him immediately.

On the other hand, civilians should run or hide, and the only attack when obligation and necessity calls. Therefore, they should attack the attacker, which is a successful strategy that helped them in various cases.

Difference between Mass Murder and Active Shooting

Remember that active shooter incidents do not have to go to mass murder lengths. Everything depends on the context and situation. According to the definition, mass murders happen when a shooter kills three or more people.

On the other hand, the active shooter does not have to kill his victims to be classified like that; he can only injure them in the act and still be considered an active shooter.

Since the killing is not mandatory in the act of active shooting, the results could end up in severe injuries and wounded people. On the other hand, you should remember that mass murderers do not have to be active shooters per se.

In the world of criminal categorization, mass murderers are not traditional killers. In most cases, the goal of a mass murderer is not to initiate himself into it, or to defend specific territory or turf, or to improve his status in some criminal organization.

At the same time, the mass murderer will not kill for gains such as money or drugs. For instance, one form of mass murderer includes serial killer, because he/she claimed numerous lives across time.

Therefore, context is highly important, and events do not feature the same continuity as always. When compared with mass murders, an active shooter can only claim as many lives as time allows him.

The practice states that serial killers require anonymity, while active shooters want to be recognized for their notoriety as well as ideology in some cases.

Serial killer pathology means that he/she will conduct the same process throughout the time, and even though it is understood that they are savage, they do not require publicity per se.

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Most serial killers will try to bury evidence and conceal a corpse, because he wants to do it repeatedly, as many times as he needs to do it. In opposition, the active shooter wants to become famous overnight by using slaughter as a way of promoting his ideology.

That is why they attack public places because that way, they can fuse their names into an event date and location. Even though they feature an entire plan of doing it, they do not plan to escape afterward, which is the main distinction and difference between mass murderers.

Why Do People Become Active Shooters?

According to numerous perspectives and psychological studies, the reasons why active shooters do what they want tend to vary from individual to individual.

However, the percentage of people that wanted to revenge for some misdemeanor is high, while the other issues lie as the important ones such as being a victim of bullying in combination with violent imagery from our everyday lives and culture.

Some psychologists state that the main reasons for this particular perspective are the idea that active shooters live in a world of victimizers and victims. Therefore, they have no room for friendship, benevolence, decency, or understanding the distinction between good and evil.

Some scientists state that this particular interpretation of the world can come out of external factors such as violent imagery or bullying. It is common for them to be obsessed with violent video games, books and movies, and the shooting is a reaction to this particular interpretation.

Since the psychological opposites are only things that exist, according to them, there are only good and bad people as well as victimizers and victims.

Therefore, the only way to succeed in the world is to step up from the idea of being a victim into a victimizer, which drives them to commit such horrible acts.

The best way to protect our society from these individuals is to implement additional security to public places, government installations, campuses, and businesses with sensors and the ability to recognize the person by using face recognition features.

These security additions are perfect ways to reduce the chances of someone becoming an active shooter or to handle the situation before it escalates into a mass murder spree.



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