Reasons Your Room Doesn’t Look Like an Adult’s

Published On December 8, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home Decor

If you feel like your living space is a good five years younger than you are, you’re not alone. When we leave college or start our careers, we have to put a lot of time into the tasks that make up normal adult life. We don’t have the time or the money to completely overhaul our spaces to look like the ones our parents raised us in. So we’re left with what we’ve had for years: old Ikea knock-offs, a coffee table we found on move-in day in college, and a milk crate full of video game controllers. It’s not a great look.

But your dreams of a more mature space won’t require you to completely start over. You just need to identify a few key things that make your room look “young” in all the wrong ways.

Your clutter is making your place look bad

Being an adult doesn’t mean having nice furniture. It doesn’t even have to mean getting rid of that milk crate, though you should consider it. What being an adult entails is keeping your space clean and organized.

If you want your place to look more mature, your first step should be cleaning up. Your next step is to reorganize. Put things you often use in sensible places, and store less commonly used items in hideaway spots. Create more open spaces, and make it easy for you to keep clutter from mounting. It will have the effect of making your whole space look more intentional and mature.

While you’re at it, clean your sheets. Fresh, clean fabrics — and a fresh smell to go with them — are a real adulthood upgrade.

Upgrade those wall hangings

Individual items can have an affect on how mature your place looks, but not all home decor items are created equal in this department. Sure, replacing your old particle-board TV stand with some thousand-dollar solid-wood piece will give your space a boost, but the impact might not be proportional to the price. If you want low-cost, high-impact upgrades, then you might want to look at what’s hanging on the wall.

Nothing says “college kid” or “high school bedroom” like an unframed poster. And nothing says “recent grad” like that same poster in a cheap frame. You should consider getting a classier (and smaller) print or, better yet, ditching mass-produced poster prints for something a bit more meaningful.

For instance, why not go with a canvas print? A custom canvas print can feature everything from pop art to a photo of you with some friends. The canvas medium will give the piece a bit of weight and dignity — perfect for your more mature space — but the fact that it’s a custom print will help you show your personality in your space. It’s a win-win, because you’ll get that “adult look” without making your room feel like a generic space from an interior design magazine.

Respect your stuff

In interior design, space can be worth a whole lot more than many objects could ever be. But you’re still going to have stuff no matter what. Some of it might feel “young” to you, be it an old guitar, a vintage video-game system, or a silly gag knick-knack you picked up on vacation. Are these items going to doom your place to that youthful look?

Of course not. These are great things to keep, and they show your personality. When adults love their stuff, they take care of it and give it a special place in their home.

So get a stand for that guitar, or hang it on the wall. Keep that video game system sitting squarely on your TV stand or in a cabinet, keep the controller cords wrapped up, and keep the games somewhere nice. Most importantly, maintain the cleanliness of the entire setup.

When you space looks intentional, you’ll look more mature. So embrace your adult life. You don’t have to give up your youthful joys to make your space look like a place a real adult would live in.

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