Reasons Why You Should Live In Idaho

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 Wide open space, beautiful nature and an economy on the rise! If you’re looking for the next place to move to and don’t have a good idea of where to go check out our reasons why you should live in Idaho.

Also known as the Gem State, this state in the northwestern United States is known as one of the least densely populated state in the country. With a population of about 1.7 million and a surface of almost 84 thousand square miles, this state is the perfect location for anyone who feels overcrowded in the cities. The fact that it’s the 7th least densely populated state doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see here! The climate in Idaho varies from your position in the state, but it offers a wide variety of weather. Enough to suit even the pickiest of people. There are many reasons which make the Gem State worth exploring, but we’ll just stick to the reasons why you should live in Idaho.

The great outdoors


Do you like camping, fishing or just hiking through the countryside? Well if you do, we’ve got a place for you! One of the main reasons why you should live in Idaho is its beautiful nature. The fact that it’s not overcrowded is what keeps the nature so wonderful. We all know what effect the human hand has on nature, but this is not eh case with the Gem State. With it’s wonderful landscapes, glorious lakes and amazing views, you’ll wonder where to start once you move here. While all of these natural sights are beyond beautiful, we decided to focus on the lakes which this state is most famous for:

  • Redfish Lake – one of the best places in the entire States to spend an adventurous summer at. You can go fishing and swimming in the lake or go hiking in the beautiful countryside beside the lake.
  • Payette Lake – soft sandy beaches and cool water are the best combination for someone who wants to spend summer without doing too many activities. You can lie on the beach and enjoy yourself in peace and quiet.
  • Priest Lake – this lake offers us the most amazing views, which in themselves would be one of the reasons why you should live in Idaho.
  • Bear Lake – best known for its specific turquoise color, this lake may not be the best place to take a swim. It’s at almost six thousand feet above sea level and the water can get really cold. But the views are breathtaking. In addition to this, the lake is a wildlife habitat and is considered a wilderness area


Even though we’ve already talked about the lakes and forests, we still feel that the Yellowstone National park deserves a special mention. This place is so out of this world it will blow your mind. The pictures don’t do it justice by a mile! You’ll need to be there to experience it fully and bask in the natural beauty of one of the most amazing parks in the world!


Being so thinly populated has its advantages for the Gem State! Their economy is on the rise and new job positions are opening every day. Thus, if you’re moving for work, you’ll find many job opportunities in Idaho. You can apply for some position and then move or you can move to Idaho right away and enjoy its natural beauties while you’re job hunting. Whatever you decide, make sure you call the right movers if you’re moving to Idaho from another state. There’d be no time to look for a job if your move to the Gem State is unsuccessful.

The fact that there are a lot of new job openings doesn’t mean that the previous ones were not good. Even with the booming industry and economy, there are a lot of job positions which were there a long time ago too. If you’d like to take care of the wildlife and forests in the Gem State, you’ll find your job is but an application away! Apart from this, there is a need for any position which helps and enables wildlife to grow and prosper. If these worthy positions aren’t enough reasons why you should live in Idaho, we don’t know what is!


If you take a look at education in Idaho you’ll see even more reasons why you should live in Idaho. The gem State’s public schools spend almost seven thousand dollars per student. In the state’s capital Boise, this number is even higher – around nine thousand. The colleges and universities in Idaho are funded better than the nation’s average. The great education is definitely a reason why you should consider moving to Idaho. This is especially important if you have kids. This state may be an excellent choice to relocate to, because you’ll be able to find a job easily and your kids will have an excellent education. However, if your Idaho move is a long distance one, you might consider making a few pit stops so the youngest members of your family can rest. We all know how antsy children can get during long rides, so you can stop by Yellowstone National Park or other beauties of the Gem State. Apart from putting your kids at ease and giving them something to do, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself as well.

In the end, you’ll decide for yourself whether there are enough reasons why you should live in Idaho. We hope that the ones we mentioned help you make up your mind. If you decide to relocate here, however, the first few weeks may be challenging, but once you get to know the Gem State, you’ll see that moving to a new place isn’t so bad after all!

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