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Published On January 8, 2018 | By Mary Carlisle | Home improvement

 Most of us like to wait for the winter season to enjoy the festive mood of Christmas. However, the only thing that causes distress to us is the chilly weather condition. For three to four months, we try to spend our time in indoor space to get warmth from our heater. But, it is our roof that is constantly protecting us from the snow and other external elements. That is why we have to take the best steps to care for these roofs. We have noticed that with no right maintenance, our roofs may have lots of issues during the winter season.

Impact on your roof for condensation

Condensation turns out to be the major problem, while there is a contact of the cool surface with hot air. You may have this issue when the attic does not have good insulation system. Due to the condensation, you will find the growth of molds on your roofs, and these molds may also affect interior parts of the house.

Shingles get loosened

While the stormy wind blows in the winter season, your roof shingles will get loosened. The high speed of winds causes the shingles to get detached from the surface. When you have also noticed this type of problem for your roof, you have to contact roofers in Ann Arbor Michigan for the replacement.

Ice build-up on the roof surface

Ice gets accumulated not only on the roofing surface as well as beneath the roof. You will find ice buildup while the temperature is above the freezing point. Snow starts melting from the warmer roof sections and it gets frozen. Since water also becomes accumulated behind these ice dams, they can cause leakage. You will have cracks in the walls and roofing surface. In addition to it, the icicles can clog the gutters, causing an issue to the drainage system.

Fallen tree branches

The heavy weight of snow affects not only your roof but also the trees. While the tree branches fall on your roof, you will find the ultimate effect. It is essential to ensure that there is no big tree near your roofing structure. You have to cut all the big branches of these trees.

So, these are common roof problems in the cool winter season, and you should call roofers to solve them. Regular maintenance will also enable you to avoid these issues.

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